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Shadows of Brimstone Initial Impressions (AKA The Triumphant Return of Warhammer Quest)



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  • Jesus Mike, if you'd only fucking give it a chance.
  • I know, I'm such an asshole.  When will I see the error of my stubborn ways?
  • I was able to play this with a group of 5 over the winter break, and I am more in love with this game than ever. And fortunately they all enjoyed it greatly as well! We managed to get two trips to the mine in, and squeak out two victories (although the second victory was side by forgetting a few rules, oops). This game is definitely one of my top of all time.
  • So I just backed the latest version of this on Kickstarter (Ancient Japan themed). Not sure I will keep the pledge though. Mostly as I don't know that I need another solo campaign game. Also I am hearing a lot of negatives about the quality of the past Kickstarters. The game does look super interesting and fun though. Did you back it Baka?
  • Also struggling to decide on the backing level. I did he cheaper one for now as the extra content seems pricey and not sure I would use any of it.
  • I did back it it, at the Shogun (higher level). SoB is still my favorite solo/coop game by a long stretch ... I've been getting every expansion I can get my hands on :)

    They only had one previous Kickstarter, which I regret missing since it would have saved me, literally, hundreds of dollars. The main thing that happened was, since it was Flying Frogs first kickstarter, they overpromised, were over optimistic, had overly complicated pledge levels... typical "rookie" mistakes. That is, they had sooo much content unlocked and offered that it took far longer to design and manufacture than they thought. The effect of this was that some items ended up being available at retail before the KS finished shipping. Which of course always makes people upset.  Honestly, though, I'd rather have the delay and be part of the original KS and save all that $$$ :)

    All indications seem to be they learned from their first KS, so I expect this one to be much smoother for fulfillment. 
  • Yeah I switched a few times yesterday but ended up at Shogun _level. Figured if I wanted to switch later it would be easier to lose the $5 eb if I was dropping in price. :) Still not sure I am going to stick with it but I got some time to decide that.
  • Yea, no reason not to hold onto the Shogun EB until the end. It's not like the $5 is a huge difference if you drop to Sumo.  FWIW, number crunchers estimated at about the $500k mark, the Shogun pledge  passed a "break even" point. So basically all new stretch goals from then are basically "free" over what you would pay to buy everything at retail (assuming a best case scenario of getting everything ~35% off at MM or CSI or the like).

    Honestly the best way to determine how much you will like the game is by how much you like the original Warhammer Quest.  While there are lots of changes and improvements on the WQ formula, SoB is at its heart inspired greatly by WQ, and is the closest game I've played to that same rpg-lite WQ gives you.
  • Yeah I loved WHQ so that is what is driving my interest (that and your glowing reviews :) ). My main concern is just will I play it enough to be worthwhile. I have gloomhaven coming and SW:IA already for campaign type games (pending SW app release). Given that the only way I can play these games is solo, I just don't know that I have the time. The good thing is that this seems likely to hold its value, so I can probably get rid of it later if I don't end up playing it. So I am leaning towards keeping it for now and hopefully by the time it actually arrives I will be ready for a new dungeon crawler.
  • I hear you. MY local group loves co-ops, so when we get together right now our go-to games are SoB and Black Plague. But that hasn't been happening too frequently of late. I have Gloomhaven, 7th Continent, and Darklight on the way eventually, and I'm eagerly awaiting the SW app.  I ended up backing out (or just $1 pledging) a number of other solo/coops due to just not having enough time.  But I know already that SoB gets a lot of solo play from me, so for myself this is an easy pledge. 

    Plus, it won't be out until 2018, so still plenty of time for you to play Gloomhaven and SW:IA some before it's release.
  • Ok, so I think I am going to keep the pledge. Are the extra dice worth it, in your opinion?
  • Good choice! Glad we got to the dragon, that will be a fun model to paint :)
    I'd pick up an extra set of the Peril dice, as the game only comes with one and there are situations where it is nice to have 2.

    As for the other dice, it depends on if you have dice already and how much you like blinging your game. The base dice are rather boring red and white. But they do give you enough dice for most situations. It may be worth it to get a set of the Enemy pattern ones to dedicate to monster rolls.
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