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What are you playing?

edited June 2012 in General
Chillin' here on a Saturday morning, cooking some bacon, starting a new thread for my own amusement.
Anyone actively playing any vidja games now?

This year, I've been working on my extensive backlog whenever I have time to play. I think this is the longest stretch I've gone without getting any new games.

I just finished up Skyrim (although there are still some quests I will work on), and have moved on to the Witcher 2 as my active RPG. Both are excellent (and very different) RPGs that I would highly recommend. Skyrim (PC, 360, PS3) has an vast and very detailed open word .. sometimes it is fun just to stroll around the Nordic country side and see the sights. The Witcher 2(PC), like its predecessor, has one of the more intricate plots and subtle "morality" of any game you will find.

I'm also working on Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)and just started Dead Space on the PC.  The latter game I can only play in short bursts, as I am a wuss and it freaks me out :)


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  • I funded the Doublefine Adventure and the Banner Saga on Kickstarter, so I'll have those coming my way some day.  Also, still looking forward to the next chapter of Starcraft II.  Other than that, City of Heroes three or four nights a week on average. 

    I saw that Ian had been on the other day, other than that not much.

    I don't know how I missed this thread.  Derp!
  • How did you like Starcraft II? I remember you were big into the original, so I was figuring you'd pick it up ...
  • Also, speaking of Doublefine, I finally have a copy of Psychonauts thanks to the latest Humble Indie Bundle. I am looking forward to playing it when I clear out some of my current games.
  • Truthfully, I haven't had much of a chance to play lately. 

    Actually, probably in months--or longer.  I loved the single-player part of the game, but my computer can only just barely play it.  So it takes an awful lot of romantic coaxing to get it going.  Between the part where I couldn't multi-player if I tried, and the fact that my computer wants to try for its driving learner's permit soon, it just hasn't gotten any attention.
  • Gotcha. Well, if you ever have the spare change, I'd always be happy to help you build a new PC :-P

  • I would love to make my computersaurus go extinct.  But it's pretty much a luxury. 
  • Yea, it tends to be :)  At least the pace at which specs are advancing is not nearly the same as a few years ago, so even dinosaurs still have a chance to play lots of games. And another thing I love about sites like Steam, GoG, etc ... so many classics or games that are a few years old available for dirt cheap!
  • I finished up Dead Space the other night. It had a surprisingly engaging plot and was just plain fun (full of lots of cheap make-you-jump moments :P ). I definitely recommend it. I liked it so much I started playing Dead Space 2 almost immediately (which I also got for the cheaps during a Steam sale). In the little bit I've played, I can already see it has improved on DS in almost every way, and it has been ridiculously good so far. Plus, your character can finally speak :P
  • Aaaaand Dead Space 2 has the creepiest gameplay section of any game I have ever played. It involves slowly sticking a very long needle in your characters eye. Thankfully I got it on the second try, as I don't know if I could have done it a third time.

    That said, DS2 improves on the first one in every way, really fleshes out the whole story a lot, and is great fun. 
  • Sounds like fun.  :)
  • Heheh indeed! Finished it up the other night, not much left after the eye-poke. All-in-all, excellent game.

    I picked up Mass Effect 3 about a week ago and have started in on the single player in that. As a big fan of Bioware games, it is quite awesome so far.

    The Multi-player is actually really good as well. The fact that it is co-operative (4 vs AI), and has a whole CCG aspect (in addition to XP, you earn credits which buy "packs" that contain items/new classes/weapons/weapon mods of various rarities) help a lot.
  • That actually sounds like fun.  How do you deal with the 4vsAI?  I guess with all the multiplayer options consoles have these days, that's not the issue it used to be...
  • It is surprisingly fun. I don't think I would have tried it if (Syracuse) Matt didn't encourage me to, and I am glad he did.

    The way the multiplayer works is that you and your team (up to four players total) need to survive 11 waves of enemy AI attacks. You can either play these as "pub" games where yo play with random individuals, or private games of just you and the people you invite.  Multiplayer functionality (chat, match making, etc.) is pretty well built into consoles these days, so finding a match is not an issue, you can get in a game pretty much immediately.

    For the MP gameplay itself, you pick a class to play for each match, as well as what weapons, weapon mods, and gear you want to use. As you complete matches, you earn experience to level up the class you played. Each class has 20 levels, and it only takes a dozen or so matches on the lowest difficulty to hit max. (Also, you can "promote" a level 20 character, which means they go to help your single player game and revert to level 1). You start the game with 6 basic classes unlocked, and unlock more buy buying supply packs.

    As you play matches, you earn credits, which you use to buy these supply packs. The packs have random cards in them. There are different versions, and the more expensive supply packs have guaranteed uncommon or rare cards. The most expensive pack has guaranteed two rare with a chance for an ultra rare. The cards unlock / level up classes, weapons, weapon mods, gear, expendable items, and the like.

    You can see the items I have unlocked here (I don't think you need to login to see):

    During a game, each wave is either "kill all enemies," or has a specific objective.  On the objective waves, enemies keep spawning infinitely until you complete the objective.  Objectives include: escort missions, delivery missions, hack missions (stay in a area of a computer long enough to hack it), disable missions (need to do quick hacks of several computers), and kill specific enemy missions.  On the 11th and final wave, the goal is to get to the "extraction" zone and survive long enough until a shuttle comes to pick the team up.

  • "An error has occurred, you must be logged in to view this page."  Aww.
  • Aww, that is too bad.
  • I finished playing the original WH40K Dawn of War, now on to the expansions! Although I think I will take a break from RTS as my active PC game and play a different genre now ...

    I am still working on the ME3 single player game, which is quite epic and awesome. It is on track to tie with Baldur's Gate II as my fave Bioware game.

    Oh, and my new keyboard is the click-clackity-fantastikity-est!
  • You've been quite busy with school and what-not, so I will forgive you for not playing Portal 2 yet :p As soon as you have some free gaming time, though, you must! 

    Unfortunately, I have no idea on sound editing programs. Any help I could give you would probably just be a google result. I imagine there would be a few decent free ones out there, especially given you are probably not going to do anything too complex.

    On to the thread topic, I've been playing Assassin's Creed as my latest active PC game. While it is less "assassin" and more "crazy guy who climbs buildings and has sword fights with guards," it is quite fun none-the-less. 
  • Me3 finsihed.   Awesome. Incredible novel and fleshed out sci-fi universe.  Emotionally gripping game.  Always have enjoyed the Lovecraftian influence for the main "threat" in the game :)
  • Still enjoying these updates.
  • I completed Assassin's Creed ... lots of fun conspiracy theory tie ins, looking forward to playing the next one. 
    Before that, though, I am changing pace and playing Burnout Paradise.  This is an open-world arcade racer. That means you have a city / surrounding area to explore with your car, and can enter events at any traffic light.  Aside from point-to-point races, events include fun things such as wrecking a certain number of opponent cars, or surviving to a certain point before opponents wreck you.  There are also plenty of hidden areas, stunts, etc. 
  • I completed Burnout Paradise, as well as Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. That later is a DS game I have had for a while. It is basically a pokemon game set in the DQ universe. I'll admit I no longer have the time / patience for grinding/levelling up, so I used an action replay to boost a few of my monsters and get through the story quicker. :p

    On the PC I am working on the 1st Penny Arcade game. After that, I'll probably play the Witcher 2.  The first Witcher game is one I consider one of the best RPGs ever made, right up there with Baldur's Gate II.  Speaking of BGII, you can get it on sale at this weekend :)
  • I purchased and enjoyed the first RSPoD game.  Never got a chance on #2 or 3.
  • Chrono Trigger on my iPod right now.  Still at the very beginning because I want to win those damn minigames.
  • You can typically get the RSPoD games pretty cheap on Steam sales now. I am looking forward to the 3rd one, as I loved the previous games by Zeboyd (Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World ... I especially recommend giving the latter a try). Extra cool since Zebotd consists of two regular posters on the Penny Arcade forums.
  • While Asako was in Japan for 3 weeks, I finished up a couple of games from my backlog. 
    The first was Castlevania: Lord of Shadows. This game is a very solid entry in the god-of-war style brawlers, with lots of really impressive looking levels and set pieces. It is a "reboot" of the Castlevania story, and the end leaves it wide open for a sequel (which is already planned for next year).

    The second game I finished was Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.  I think the MGS games definitely fall in the Love or Hate category of games. I Love them.  Besides the really solid stealth gameplay and intriguing boss battles, the twisted, odd, unique, occasionally fourth-wall-breaking plots are great. The twisted (frequently juvenile in a wink-wink-nudge-nudge fashion) humor and conspiracy theory ingrained story add to the game as well.  MSG4 lives up to the series, and nicely ties up the story of Snake and most related characters.

    Currently, I am working on a campaign in Shogun 2 as the Hojo clan (they have the clan symbol that looks like the tri-force :p )

    Oh, finally, I think this link should work to show my ME3 online character:

  • The language choice for "English" is the Canadian flag.  That is amusing. 

    I'm not doing much right now. 
  • I finished my Hojo clan domination of Japan a few weeks ago, and then conquered the world in Civ V as the Germans.  It really wasn't fair for the Americans that I was assaulting their civil-war era defended cities with stealth bombers and modern armor ...

    I've decided I want to play through the whole Metal Gear / Metal Gear Solid series, so I picked up the HD collection from the PSN network.  In addition to HD versions of MGS2 and MGS3, it includes the game Peace Walker (which was on the PSP and I never played), along with ports of the original 8-bit Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2.  I played through Metal Gear ... while definitely an early 8-bit era game, it still had a lot of the foundation of the later games, and started the whole long twisted plot :)
  • I sort of on-again off-again suffer playing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition or Starcraft II on occasion, if I have access to J's laptop.  Really the only things I play regularly, for better or for worse, are two flash browser games.  I can drop a few minutes before or after work on my work computer.  Nothing major, and they're pay-to-win, but I can play pretty harmlessly for free.  Small sense of community, amusing story.  Called Legacy of a Thousand Suns and Dawn of the Dragons.  Our guild in DotD is actually top five.  Our guild in LoTS is dying, and I think I need to leave.

    As for that other game, I keep tabs on things and post, but haven't played it in months.
  • What game am I not playing?

    I actually did finish off about 17 or 18 items from my backlog (although some of those were simply DLC) while the girls were away.

    I discovered a series which has vaulted to one of my all-time favorites: Saints Row.
    I acquired Saints Row 2 and Saints Row the Third in a humble bundle, and started with number 2.

    Now, the original Saints Row was pretty much a GTA clone. I never played it, and don't plan to. 
    Starting with the second one, though, they decided to forget about taking themselves too seriously and just make everything as outlandish as possible. Things got crazier and crazier with each game.  To give an idea, the first game has a basic premise of "join gang, defeat other gangs, become best gang."  By Saints Row IV, the premise is "you are president of the US, and must fight off an alien invasion with super powers."

    They are open world games with plenty of side missions and story missions.  Side missions include things such as driving a septic tank around a neighbor hood and spraying it to lower property values, commiting insurance fraud by flinging yourself in front of vehicles with hilarious ragdoll physics results, providing celebrities protection from overzealous fans by throwing them into things such as airplane engines, and other such deliciously ridiculous things.

    These games (starting with 2 at least) have one of the best character creators and customization options in any game.  I think I have some screen shots on my other PC I'll have to post some time.

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