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What are you playing?



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  • I don't have it yet, but I plan to pick it up at some point. I think my daughter would have lots of fun helping build levels.  It has been getting crazy good reviews, and I have to image that with the creativity of the internet, there will be no end of fun and interesting levels to try.
  • I don't play anything. I might ask for a Playstation for Christmas to get the new Rock Band but who knows. I live vicariously through your experiences from afar.
  • The PS4 is a pretty nifty machine (as is the XBox One, I am sure).

    I am closing in on finishing RE5 ... a quick peak online shows that I have three levels left, so hopefully less than 3 hours (which I should be able to squeeze in this weekend.

    I finally finished Gears of War 2. I had been playing it coop, local, with a friend. We finally had a chance to get together today and finish it. Of course, unbeknownst to us, there was only 15 minutes of game left. So we ended up playing Lara Croft: Temp of Osiris after that. This is one of the free PS+ games for the PS4, and ended up being lots of fun. It is an isometric stick shooter / puzzle game.
  • What I've been playing:

    I REALLY have a tough time playing games single player I found.  I think, like board games, I really enjoy playing games with others more than anything.  However, I still managed to "dabble" with gaming a bit, here's what I've been playing:

    Fallout 4: Great atmosphere with so much to discover.  I think that's the best part for me: wandering the post-apocalyptic world and discovering really random stuff

    Wofenstein: The New Order - I've had this for a while and just started playing it a bit this weekend.  It's a ton of fun.  It's sort of a semi-campy "The Bourne Identity" and it really works.  It's a great old school shooter with a fantastic First Person Shooter covering mechanic

    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - I picked this up on Black Friday for $15.  This game holds up amazingly well.  And it looks great on the Xbox One.  I look forward to the day i can have some peeps over for some couch co-op.  OH, and it also includes the 4 original games on xbox one as well.  Very cool, especially for $15.

    At some point, we need to have a game night and play the HD version of Perfect Dark multiplayer.
  • As always, I have several games going, but I have decided to finally get a serious start on one that has been in my library for a while now, ever since a really good Steam sale: The Secret World.

    TSW is a no-subscription MMO that plays a lot like a single player game. By that I mean that it is a mostly soloable game with a very strong, involved story complete with well written dialog, complete with cutscenes. It's setting is a modern world where basically all conspiracy theories are true. It is very RP and player customization friendly. In fact much of the CoX community ended up here as their MMO of choice. I am not too far in, but so far the story and writing have been very entertaining. I did start playing a while ago, but decided to roll a new character and start over since I didn't get too far into the game last time.
    In terms of gameplay, it has a very free form system where you aren't locked into a specific role / archetype for the life of a character. Instead you unlock powers associated with different weapons as you get XP (eventually unlocking all abilities), but you can only have two weapons and 16 abilities equipped at a given time. So, you can situationally change up your build for what a mission may require.
  • Thematically, a lot of people jumped ship to TSW and Champions Online.  Very quickly, I guess, people realized that TSW had more of the feel of CoX.  So it was a weird sort of schism.  If you liked CoX for superheroes and nothing else, folks went to CO.  But if you liked it for everything else, you went to TSW.  If I was playing MMOs, it would be the one I would try.
  • I think I told some people about this, but my son asked for a 3DS and a Pokemon game for Christmas this year. My dad obliged, and got Michael the system and Pokemon Y (6th gen).

    He also got ME a 3DS and Pokemon X lol.

    It has been a LOT of fun going back through a Pokemon game. It's the first I've played since Yellow back when we were in college ( The main game mechanic is identical to the old catch Pokemon, level them, take on gyms and get badges. I liked it so much I bought Pokemon Black (5th gen Pokemon). I also got Super Mario 3D Land. I haven't owned a handheld system since the original Game Boy, so this has been incredibly fun!

    For reading, I'm still getting about 8 monthly DC titles, and I've been reading through the old post-Infinite Crisis Legion of Superheroes graphic novels. I've always liked the Legion, and it has been neat reading their stuff.

    Bouncing Boy is my hero, by the way:
    1) Fat superhero = awesome
    2) Married to Duplicate Damsel, who has the power to duplicate herself = super awesome

  • I am so frigging jealous that you and your son are playing pokemon together.  Wow.
  • Also, I got Legacy of the Void and have played a wee bit.  It's not easy considering I'm playing it on my wife's basic laptop, but it's totally nostalgic.  
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    dumps said:

    Thematically, a lot of people jumped ship to TSW and Champions Online.  Very quickly, I guess, people realized that TSW had more of the feel of CoX.  So it was a weird sort of schism.  If you liked CoX for superheroes and nothing else, folks went to CO.  But if you liked it for everything else, you went to TSW.  If I was playing MMOs, it would be the one I would try.

    Yes, basically it has everything one may like about CoX, except the costume creator. Even then there are a lot of unlockable clothing items, as well as costume pieces in the cash shop, so you can scratch that dress-up itch if you like.  You are basically playing a super powered human in a modern setting with a deep and detailed lore, so in that way it is very much like CoX. Or like CoX meets X-Files ...

    Post edited by BakaKuma at 2016-01-15 22:14:34
  • Baka - is TSW something that is easy to come back to every so often if you get pulled away by life or other games?  I'd be curious to try it out.  Of course, we still need to play Borderlands 2 some time. 
  • Actually, it is! You are limited to the number of active missions you can have at any time (1 Main, 1 Story, 1 Dungeon, and 3 Side Stories), so you won't have a lot going on to overwhelm you / remember. I'd say it is similar to CoX - that was easy enough to get back into after not playing for a few weeks / months.  
  • I've been playing two games recently:

    Rise of the Tomb Raider: while the story isn't as good as the first one, the gameplay is some of the best around.  I'd pit it against any of the "Serious" platformers - Uncharted included.  While I love the Uncharted series, I always felt the story was so much better than the actual gameplay.  In both the reboot and the sequel, however, Tomb Raider continues to completely outshine Uncharted from a gameplay perspective.

    Superhot: this is an FPS with a fun twist - time moves when you move, allowing you to set up some really crazy combos - throw your empty guy at an enemy, knocking the katana out of their hands as it hits them, grab said katana, and then proceed to dismember them, while dodging bullets as they streak past.  It's incredibly fun and entertaining. You can't help but feel like a bad ass.
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    I picked up Pokken Tournament last Friday. It is a Pokemon fighting game set to the style of Tekken. I've never really played a Tekken game before, other than a few times at Mike's parents' place back in the day. It's pretty darn fun! The stages are cool, the characters are fun (Gengar and Gardevoir are my early favorites) and they have a single player tournament mode, 2 player options (though the second person has to look at the game pad) and online play. I would recommend it to both Pokemon fans and fighting game fans!

    New Star Fox next month! Woo-hoo!

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  • That's awesome - I'd seen the game Pokken Tournament mentioned, but never investigated what it was.

    I am playing Witcher 3 and XCOM 2, as well as Twilight Princess HD.  Twilight Princess is my favorite of the 3D Zelda games, so I am really enjoying this replay :)
  • Yeah, Twilight Princess was my favorite too.
  • I loved Twilight Princess. It would be in my top three for sure (along with Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time).

  • Speaking of Zelda games, for Christmas, along with Pokemon X, I also got Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I just finished it last week, and it was incredible. It is a "remake" of Link to the Past, but it is so much more. They changed around the dungeons, added new weapons and puzzles, and gave your character the ability to essentially bond to a wall to maneuver around corners and across rooms. The map of the world is the same, but there is a ton of cool differences that make it awesome to play through. I highly recommend it if you have a 3DS.

  • Yep, A Link Between Worlds is awesome. It is not a remake (although I assume by putting it it quotes was an acknowledgement this just meant it shared the same geography as LttP) ... in the timeline it takes place a few centuries after LttP, sometime after Links Awakening on the "Failure" timeline (yes, Zelda timelines are confusing, thanks to time travelling in Ocarina ...)

    It probably tops LttP as my fave 2D Zelda (or maybe "overhead" is a better term, given it is on 3DS:P)
  • We finally got Mario Maker last night. Holy shit, this is incredible. It is an awesome game to play with the family, especially since I can custom make levels to adapt to the difficulty my daughter can handle at her age. And just making levels is a fun activity for her.  I am impressed with how much attention to detail, hidden tricks, and crazy fun things you can do. I only played around a little last night (mostly just unlocking the building pieces), but I can already understand the praise it has garnered.
  • I've been wanting to get that game for a while, Baka. Your review just sealed the deal. Probably won't get it for a while, due to Pokken Tourney this month and Star Fox next month, but I will definitely be getting it as soon as I can.

  • I finally finished Witcher 3! What a great game on so many levels.  Of course, within a week of finishing it, the new DLC came out, so I'll be diving back into it. The new DLC is huge (20 - 30 hours gameplay), and set in a French-like Duchy full of bright colors and medieval fairy tale stereotypes.It is a huge contrast to the war torn setting of the rest of the game, and makes it feel fresh, instead of feeling like "more of the same."

    I also am playing through The Last of Us Remastered on the PS4. I'd heard a lot of good things, and found it available for checkout at the library. I figured now would be a good time to get into it.

    I'm also more fully committing to my solo game of Borderlands 2, and making really good progress on that.

    In addition to all those, I finally opened the used copy I got of Red Steel 2 for the Wii a while back.  It is too bad the first one got such a bad reputation (I enjoyed it however), as this one improves on all its faults, and has so much style :)

    Finally, I am still play Euro Truck Sim frequently. It is very "zen" to bring up one of the European radio stations available in the game, and just drive around Europe, delivering stuff. Like hazardous nuclear waste.
  • I've been playing the new "Doom" pretty much exclusively as of late (...not that I have a ton of time at the moment to play). BUT, I can say this - if you enjoyed the original, you'll feel right at home. The game hits all the right notes and walks the tight-rope between nostalgia and modern gaming expertly. If you had told me that I'd enjoy Doom in the year 2016 this much, I wouldn't have believed it.  Give it a shot - it's some of the most pure fun I've had with a game in a long, long time. (Played on PC)

    The other title I've been playing is Quantum Break. It's the latest title from Remedy - the makers of the original Max Payne (1 and 2) and Alan Wake (one of my all time favorite games). From a story perspective - it's top notch (must like the first two Max Paynes and Alan Wake).  It's also tied together with half-hour television quality episodes between acts.  The trick is that that you do in game, effects the story in the live actions shows you watch which alters the story and the characters.  It works really well with an all star cast consisting of actors from X-men, Game of Thrones, and Fringe to name a few.  The game play is good...but not great.  It's fun, but doesn't feel as revolutionary or forward thinking as Max Payne/Alan Wake.  However, I thoroughly recommend it (Played on Xbox One...since apparently the PC version is broken)
  • I borrowed Last of US from the library and was able to finish it. The game had great characters, very well written (which tends to be the draw of Naughty Dog games). I also finally got around to finishing Uncharted 2.

    I started playing what is arguably the best super hero game ever made - Saints Row IV
  • Yeah, I never ended up finishing Saints Row IV (I think I got 90 percent through it), but the gameplay was fantastic (as well as the best use of "I'm not going to miss a thing" by Aerosmith during the opening). 

    I started Last of Us too - really a solid game.  Uncharted 2 was fantastic and arguably the best in the series (though I haven't played IV).  However, I'm in the minority that really, really loved the 3rd one which is probably my favorite.
  • I played Mega Man 9 the other night. I cannot fucking beat Jewel Man's level. Stupid spikes.
  • Those spikes are terrible. The place where you are on that platform and have to jump in between the spikes to advance in the frustrating!

  • Pausing the final mission in Saints Row IV to say the music cues in this game are incredible. I don't want to spoil in case Mike ever finishes it. There is a song that comes in at the perfect moment, that makes playing to this point in the game well worth it. You'll know when you get to it ...
  • Is anyone planning on getting the mini-NES coming out this fall? It has 30 old NES games on it. I'm disappointed that there are not more Mega Mans on it, and that Castlevania 3 (Prob my fave Castlevania) isn't on it, but it looks awesome.

  • Actually, I purchsed SRIV for PC just to have a reason to start playing it again. I'll have to check it out.

    ...and, C, Casltevania 3 is my fave too (Symphony of the night is a close 2nd though along with the fun DS incarnations).
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