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What are you playing?



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  • Castlevania 3 is my favorite as well, although 2 has special place in my heart as what it tried to do felt very original and ahead of it's time.

    I'm thinking of the mini-NES ... I have most of those games in various virtual console forms, but the novelty of it (along with the controller) is a strong draw.

    Glad to hear you picked up SRIV ... awesome game from beginning to end.
  • Yeah, I have it on PS3...but stopped playing it a while ago.
  • With one open world game out of the way, time to start another: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
    It opens with Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World" ... good omen :)
  • Civ VI Civ VI Civilization VI. Civ VI, Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI. Civ VI Civilization VI Civ VI Civ VI? Civilization VI Civ VI; Civilization VI Civ VI Civ VI, Civ VI Civilization VI Civ VI. Civ VI, Civ VI? Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI, Civ VI, Civ VI Civ VI Civilization VI Civ VI. Civ VI? Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI, Civ VI! Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI, Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI Civ VI. Civ VI Civ VI. Civilization VI,  Civilization VI  Civ VI.  Civ VI.
  • Picked up the digital version of Gears of War 4 last week. So far - pretty amazing. It's cool because Microsoft has a new gimmick that allows you to play their digital games on both your PC or your xbox one. So I can play downstairs on my big screen or at my pc.  The great news is it runs silky smooth on my pc (60fps).  Anyway, if you like the gears games, this is a worthy sequel.
  • I discovered that they make updated emulations of Tecmo Super Bowl from the NES with modern rosters, teams and divisions. I play it on my phone. I'm in retro heaven!
  • Haha, that's awesome.  :)
  • Started Civ VI tutorial yesterday. Awfully complicated game for a first time player, though I like it a lot.

    Kev - any good resources for someone learning how to play, or is it better just to dive into a game and learn that way (which is what I usually do)?
  • Yea, it is a lot the learn from the start, especially if it is your first time to any civilization game. Even being a Vet of the series, there were a lot of new concepts I had to digest. 

    I did find this guide useful for some basic starting concepts (mainly I was looking for new mechanics, but it should all be very useful to you):

    In addition to that site, you can probably find useful info in this wiki:

    Your best bet is to dive in on one of the easier difficulties, have the Adviser level set to "New to Civ," and don't worry too much about strategic errors to begin with. Make liberal use of the in-game Civilopedia to look up what everything does.
  • I picked up Fallout 4 and Doom for cheap during BF digital sales, so I've started playing through those (as well as all the other games in progress).
    I also picked up Pokemon Moon, which has been getting a fair amount of playtime.
  • I had a Gift Card from my birthday that I ended up using to pick up Horizon: Zero Dawn for the PS4. The original trailer for this game was one of the reasons I went with the PS4, and I consider it the first game I've gotten for the PS4 that is a "system seller." The game does not disappoint, it is amazing. Basically, you are an outcast of a post-apocalyptic tribal society, who spends her time hunting robot dinosaurs with a bow. I mean, that is really all you need to know...

    Of course, as much as I am enthralled with this game, I think it'll be put on hold a bit come tomorrow, when the new Zelda arrives.  Seeing as Breath of the Wild is currently sitting at 98 on metacritic, and I am a crazy zelda fanboy, that will definitely dominate my videogaming for the next month or two...
  • As expected, Zelda: Breath of the Wild has pulled me away from Horizon. Horizon is incredible, but BotW is incredible plus Legend of Zelda :)

  • Been primarily playing Zelda when I have a free moment, but through the Switch I've rediscovered some NEO GEO Classics.  However, much to my surprise despite horrible reviews, I've been LOVING "Double Dragon IV."  It's 100% just like DD1 and DD2 on the NES which is both why I love it and why many critics hate it.  That being said - while it's not a great game, it's 100% Double Dragon and I think it's a blast.  I hope to play some multiplayer with you guys soon.
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