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Castle Crashers...

So...for those of you that have a PC, anyone interested in playing Castle Crashers?  I picked up a 4-pack during the Steam Sale so it's free for those that want to play (I have 4 codes I can gift to Steam Users).  I know we keep saying we'll play PC games...but we really need to get on Boarderlands 2 at the very least since 3 of us have it.  At any rate, Castle Crashers is a fun little game - sort of a side scrolling beat-em-up, but funny.  I have it on Xbox 360 and it's a blast.  It's 4-player simultaneous too. 

Here's a quick video:

Let me know if you're interested and I can send it to you via Steam (you need a steam account for me to send it as a gift).


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