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Let's Play: Crusader Kings II



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  • Let's go ahead and marry him off to a Princess of England (who happens to be one of my daughters...)
  • I started to look at all the screenshots I've taken since my updates, and I realized I am so far a head in my current game (~100 years), that I can't remember half the stories I wanted to tell with the images.

    Since I achieved the main objective I set for myself of ruling over all of Ireland, my thought is, I'll just post "greatest hits" going forward. That is, major events like change of ruler and the like. So, it'll be less story and more timeline.
  • Sounds good.  It's too bad some of us died...any chance we had any bastard children who can seek revenge?  At any rate - thanks for posting again on the forum - I look forward to the updates!  I saw someone made a mod for Crusader Kings that turns it into Game of Thrones and is pretty decent.
  • Well, one of the interesting things that pops up is once you enter a custom name, it gets added to the list of random names the game uses over the course of your current game. So, several Thans, Frels, etc. start being born all over the British Isles ...

    Tell us more?
  • The wonderful names entering the Dynasty now-a-days:


  • No Judge Dredd here ...

  • After many prosperous years, the rule of King Than comes to an end:

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    Minor issue with the new ruler.  Fortunately this only causes a minor opinion penalty with vassals and a minor fertility penalty. Nothing that can't be overcome!

    Post edited by BakaKuma at 2015-11-22 21:05:49
  • Let's take a look at Herbie. Pretty average or mediocre in most stats, except Martial - where I am a military genius. I foresee lots of conquest!

  • I don't remember why I did this but I am sure there were plenty of good reasons.  Maybe things were just "too real."

  • Here is a look at the current state of my neck of the world.

  • One issue I am having is that I have no sons or daughters yet. And my wife is a good deal older, and past child bearing years. So, the only choice left is to butter up the Pope with lots of money and ...

  • With my new 17 year old bride, it doesn't take too long to perform my kingly duty.


  • After claiming several counties in Wales, I am able to claim a new Kingdom! (This is Wales, but it is given an Irish name after my nationality).

  • A few more of the lovely people in this world coming of age:


  • And the reign of Herbie comes to an end.

    I don't actually have any other pics from the Reign of Warm Beer. I don't remember much of what happened other than he was a crippled dwarf that was hated by everyone and the Kingdom nearly fell apart in his hands. I ended up having to change the succession laws so his weak inbred children did not take over, and his rule was blessedly short.

  • So it wasn't long until we get the better succesor.  During his long reign, Arsenio would conquer Scotland and begin to make inroads to England. Additionally, he paid a lot more attention to his infrastructure, building bigger and better towns and keeps, vastly increasing the strength of his armies.

  • I like Than Mac Airdog as a name but not sure I like a world that you can get thrown in the dungeon for keeping it too real!
  • "King Arsenio of Eire."  That. Is. Awesome. ...and "Prince Warm Beer" became a Midas Touched? ...that sounds like a REALLY awkward gold-based, masturbatory cult.

    Also, "CDog mac Airdog" - didn't that happen at Corey's Bachelor party?  

  • I'm going to have to use King Herbie's pickup line at parties.
  • I'm so far behind that I've decided not to catch up, but instead post any amusing things or brief updates.

    Currently Emperor Arsenio (not the same as the King above ... I'll have to look up their exact relationship) rules over all the Irish Isles (what we know in our world as the British Isles). He is a ruthless but pious Emperor, and has begun to claim land on the continent. (Thanks to fighting in against a Jihad, he was able to claim a couple counties in today's southern Spain).

    As of this pic he was fighting off a Rebellion by one of his vassals, the King of Sansa (England).

    In the middle of this war, his brother Prince Lampshade decides he'd rather go fight Infidels ...

  • Lampshade has always had an irrational hate of the infidels. 
  • And the Circle of Thorns. But mostly infidels. :-)
  • And then Emperor Arsenio goes and gets ill and dies on me at age 35 :-/
    His son Don inherits the empire. I am not sure where the name "Don" comes from, but being the parent of a 5 year old, I am tending to think of him has Don from Dinosaur Train ...
    The cruddy thing is he was only 13 when his father died, which means he has a Regent until age 16 ... and any policies and what-not have to go through the Regent first. I finally got to 16, but now I am trying to undo some of the damage (mostly law changes) enacted by my Regent.

    In better news, I was able to press a claim by my Uncle Arsenio the Ill-Ruler (apparently Arsenio is a popular name in the Eire Empire). We conquered Brittany, so my Empire now has a solid foot hold on the Continent. 
  • Due to having the Lunacy trait, Emperor Don of the Eire has decided to appoint his horse, Glitterhoofs, as Imperial Chancellor ...
  • The King of Sasana (England), one of Don's Vassals, rebelled. The rebellion was quickly squashed, and I revoked his title.  In doing so, however, it appears several Duchies are no longer in my Empire! I have Du Jure claims, so now to begin many years of war ...

    I am not sure what happened, other than there was probably some complicated setup of vassalage that made them independent when the former King no longer had the title ...
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    And a new heir was just born, Arsenio mac Don! (A great default, so I kept it. If anyone has suggestions for new kid names, list 'em here).
    Post edited by BakaKuma at 2016-09-04 03:13:03
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