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Jessica Jones...

Well, the new series set in the Marvel Universe debuted today - Jessica Jones.  It's set in Hell's Kitchen (just like Daredevil) and introduces to a bunch of new superheroes (or not-yet superheroes) - Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Hellcat.  I'm two episodes in, and while it's not quite as good as Daredevil, it's still pretty damn good.  The first episode was a little uneven, I thought.  The the bad guy is genuinely creepy and the characters are intriguing.  I'll be interested to see what everyone else thinks.


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  • I haven't read any spoilers, but I've heard both people that like it more than DD, and people that like it less. Of course, Asako and I still need to catch up on the last seasons of Flash and Arrow, as well as the current season of AoS before starting into JJ :)
  • I watch the first episode of it last night (no spoilers). At first I didn't like was trying WAAAAAAY too hard to be the darkest dark that ever darked. SEX! DRUNK! MORE SEX! I mean, seriously - it was obnoxious.

    But that last 20 minutes. The scene in the hotel literally had me on the edge of my seat. The Purple Man. 20 seconds of total screen time in the entire episode but yet still stole the show.

    Going to keep watching. That last 20 minutes saved it for me.
  • C,

    I agree that it was trying a bit to hard to esablish itself as the "hard" version of the Marvel Universe.  The flip slide, is that from what I understand, that's also the way the comic was - pretty in your face with that stuff.  It continues for a couple of episodes, but seems to taper off as the series goes on.  I'm on episode 11 (only because of vacation).  While I still stand by it not being near as good as Daredevil, I do really, really like it.  Heck, being "not as good as Daredevil" still means it's better than 90% of other television.
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    I'm okay with this show being dark....I mean, I AM a DC fan after all :). I just thought it was a bit....excessive. After about 10 minutes of her drunken, angry, swearing and hating everything and everyone, I was like, "I get it....her life is shitty....please move on with this." But then it just kept coming. And I HATED the one night stand with Luke Cage. So forced, overly-graphic, and unnecessary.

    However, like I said - once they started focusing more on the plot and the mystery of what MADE Jessica so bitter, it got a lot better. I am definitely going to continue watching - the show really did hook me in. And I am glad to hear that tapers off.

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  • Just finished episode 2. Great stuff! Luke Cage during the bar fight scene was absolutely fantastic.

  • Forgot we actually had a JJ thread!

    It was a great series. Better than DD season 2,on par with DD season 1. Supporting cast and Donofrio in DD a bit better than the supporting cast and Tennant in JJ. I liked the character and the intro to Luke Cage.

    My biggest complaint was the 13-episode format. I think this show (and definitely Season 2 of DD) was two or three episodes too long. There were, like, five episodes building up to the final fight in JJ, when the payoff could have come much sooner.

    I'm eager to see where this goes from here but my interest in the characters is not as great as it is for DD just because I literally know nothing about any of these characters. That said, if there's a series that will feature Night Nurse, regardless of the length of the show, I'll gladly watch it just for Night Nurse. So sexy.
  • Also, maybe it's just how the character is in the comic, but Kilgrave vastly underutilized his powers in this series. Think of the things a character with that power can do, and he chose random murder and forcing people to sit in front of a fence forever.

    Not an indictment of the character in the show or Tennant's excellent performance. Just an opinion!
  • Since a lot of Luke Cage is feeling like a prequel to JJ for me, it looks like I'll again be attempting to slog through JJ.
  • dumps said:

    Since a lot of Luke Cage is feeling like a prequel to JJ for me, it looks like I'll again be attempting to slog through JJ.

    I'm only one episode in. Is it a prequel to JJ? I thought it odd that he was with a different woman in the first episode, but just assumed he was avoiding her for her protection or something.
  • I'm pretty sure it takes place after JJ.
  • Mike's correct, but there is a fair amount of Luke's backstory that appears to sync up with Jessica' that was my point.  Not trying to spoil anything, but I find Luke infinitely more interesting than I could be persuaded to watch more Jessica just to see Luke.
  • Cuz, I am really surprised you don't like JJ. The story has a lot of feminist overtones which seems like it would be right up your alley.
  • I just can't stand it.  The PTSD is so well done, it is just too terrifying to watch.
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