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Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

So...this could be a sequel too long in the making and end up being absolutely horrible.  Time will tell, but I I have to say I sort of have that childlike excitement for it.  We shall see...


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  • I like that it doesn't rely on too much nostalgia to tell the story (the overlay of Pullman's speech the exception, though very awesome). I'm excited for this. Have been for awhile.

    When I watched the first one I remember telling someone that even though they beat the aliens, there'd be one hell of a cleanup job on their hands, with giant space ships everywhere. Cool to see the aftermath, even after 20 years.
  • I wonder if the aliens have secured their USB ports yet ...  :bz
  • As long as Apple still exists we should be okay. :)

    I read an fun fan theory that explained that computer tech was all built based on what we had learned from the alien tech at Roswell which was why we were able to interface with their machines in the film. It is still pretty thin...but within the world of the movie sort of works.
  • I am definitely in the minority in our group on this one, but I have about zero interest in seeing this movie. The original was a fun movie back in the day, but not one of those movies that I try to watch every couple of years or so. Add the fact that the best character, Will Smith's guy, isn't back for it....sorry, not for me.

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