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Movies I saw in theaters from 1/1/97 through 12/31/07

edited January 2016 in Movies, Music, More
You all probably recall in one form or another how I used to keep track of all the movies I saw in the movie theater, keeping all my ticket stubs and entering them into a makeshift Microsoft Word file. Recently, Mandy and I unearthed the file for movie suggestions and I found it all interesting, since many of these movies we saw together, and in some cases nearly 15-20 years ago.

I've put together the lists (and the statistical breakdowns I did of movie costs, number of movies I saw in given months, etc.) and created files that are linked to view from my Dropbox. I figured I'd post them here and let you all take a gander. Since a lot of you were with me when I saw many of these movies, I think you'll be surprised by both the volume of what we saw and by how much crap we saw!

NOTE: You do not have to have a Dropbox account to view. There's an option when you click on the link that allows you to look at it without an account!

Click here for the movies I saw between 1997 and 2007.

Click here for the statistical breakdown of costs and number of movies I saw (not surprisingly the four biggest movie months were May, June, July and August).

Hope you enjoy looking back on these movies as much as I did! Marvel in my nerdity!


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    One thing that stood out: Sneak previews. Do they still employ that tactic? I can't think of the last time I went to a sneak preview the week before a wide release.
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  • Can I just say that I love that we saw "A Night at the Roxbury" in theaters twice. That. Is. Awesome. You're a jungle theme!

  • That is crazy! I was there for a lot of we blew a lot of money on movies lol. Attack of the Clones 5 times?!?!?

  • Some of those movies were just steaming turds too. Wow lol.

  • TheLion said:

    Can I just say that I love that we saw "A Night at the Roxbury" in theaters twice. That. Is. Awesome. You're a jungle theme!

    I still maintain this was my ultimate sign of friendship, subjecting myself to that not once, but twice for the greater good :P
  • Oh my good god, Matt.  The list is real!
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    MattyDoo said:

    Not sure why this is coming in as a quote, but, yeah...

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  • So let's review the years for fun, since this was a time when we pretty much saw every new movie that came out as they came out. There were some good ones, but some real stinkers, too.


    - I will always remember seeing Kull the Conqueror with Mick and Mike after driving C-Dad to his six-month anniversary dinner at that playground. Not a terrific movie, but a great memory. Later that night, we went to the McDonalds located across the street from its current location on West 26th Street and partook of the 20 Chicken McNuggets for $1 deal. When we got home, we found out Princess Diana had died in a car accident. Remarkable evening, and somehow Kull the Conqueror is the centerpiece of it all.

    - We saw (and walked out of) Gone Fishin. Pretty sure we saw it in the afternoon.

    - I saw Batman and Robin on June 29. That was C-Dad's way of "making me feel better" after Val broke up with me to be with Nick E.

    - We saw FOUR sneak previews that year. They don't do that anymore, do they?

    - We did a November double feature of Bean and Starship Troopers. That amused me.

    - The Wishmaster. "Would you like to make a WISHHHHH?!?" *shudders* 

    - Rocket Man: Did the career of that guy who starred in that movie ever take off (no pun intended)? Apparently not.

    - Titanic. Twice.
  • Ah...."Nick E."  I forgot about that little man.  :)
  • Nothing helps you deal with loss better than Bat Nipples!

  • And your Bat Credit Card.

    ...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.  The first time I saw that was with C as well and it was when I had a broken nose so I was hyped up on pain killers, had a black eye, and a nose cast.  The pain killers at least made the film kind of fun.  "Ice to freeze you!"  
  • I tend to look at all things Batman with rose-colored glasses on. Hence I actually LIKED the movie at first.

    Then I emerged from the cave and saw the shadows for what they really were....

  • Wow, 1997 seems pretty sad and boring.  I wonder why?  I feel like everything dramatically started getting better around Christmas of that year...
  • 1998 (when things got "better" after Christmas 1997 ... lol)

    - Tomorrow Never Dies was an excellent way to start the new year

    - Was it "Fallen" or "Phantoms" that had the line about the Girl from Ipanema, which Mike loved for years

    - Desperate Measures, or as I remember it, the movie we saw when Corey and I initiated our "breakup" for a month (funny in retrospect, in my opinion!)

    - Or was it "Deep Rising" that had the Girl from Ipanema reference?

    - Wedding Singer on Valentine's Day evening with Ian and Mike.

    - Star Theaters - where your Star Dollars are worth ... A DOLLAR!

    - Some really great ones: Big Lebowski, Man in the Iron Mask, Dark City, Good Will Hunting, LW 4, Baseketball twice, Rush Hour, Blade, Very Bad Things, and of course, Night at the Roxbury twice!

    - Some really terrible ones: Blues Brothers 2000, Sphere, Dirty Work, Mafia!, Snake Eyes, Vampires, Water Boy (inexplicably twice, though one of those times was a pseudo date for me)

    - Soldier, which contained one of the best opening montage sequences ever
  • Remember "Money Talks" from 1997? I *think* that was the one with Charley Sheen and Chris Tucker. The movie started playing upside down and backwards, and the dialogue started going in reverse. Everyone thought it was a gag at first. When a guy went to get the manager, they fixed it after like a 10 minute wait, and then it screwed up again! We all wound up getting our money back (thank God....the movie was terrible).

    Funny memory :)

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    Soldier. Kurt Russel......IN SPACE!!!!!

    Post edited by SuperCDad at 2016-02-02 00:24:07

    How many planet killers do we have on board?
  • 1999

    - We saw "There's Something About
    Mary" at the dollar theater. Ian, if I recall, saw that movie anywhere
    from 7-10 times in the theater. 

    - “In Dreams.” Worst date movie I think ever.

    - "Office Space" was
    released. I was underwhelmed until I literally lived the movie. Now it's a cult

    - "Rushmore" was released. I still don't
    "get" Wes Anderson. 

    - "Ravenous" Still the best cannibals-chasing-people-down-through-the-forest soundtrack in movie history.

    - Saw "The Matrix" 4 times in 1999. Total cost = $17.

    - "Black Mask" ???

    - “The Phantom Menace” - Yeah, everyone hates it, but almost
    everyone saw it in the theater 5 times that year like I did (and possibly
    more). Total cost to see that movie 5 times = $23

    - "Election" - Criminally underrated black comedy.
    Still one of my all-time favorites. 

    - "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" - Saw it three times
    that summer. It's the second time an Austin Powers movie helped me get past a breakup.

    - "Wild Wild West" – oof

    - "Big Daddy" – uck

    - "American Pie" - I still wax nostalgic about this
    movie, which is tame by today's standards. If you haven't seen "American
    Reunion" yet I recommend it. It's like these characters are mirroring our
    own life arc, except for the breaking-our-virginity pact or having sex with any
    of our friends' mothers.

    - "Eyes Wide Shut" - I still hate that I spent $6 on
    this. "Let's fuck!"

    - "Deep Blue Sea" - I would have spent $60 on this
    masterpiece. "You ate my bird!"

    - "The Blair Witch Project" - Creeped me out, but is now a
    punchline. Of note, we saw this with "Special," I think, and given
    the date of the showing was 7/30/99, this would have been someone's 29-month anniversary
    with Eliuj, so there's that. 

    - "Mystery Men" - We need to rewatch this one sometime.
    "Awww, dang!"

    - "The Sixth Sense"

    - "The Iron Giant" - Criminally underrated 

    - "The 13th Warrior" - We saw this? :)

    - "Fight Club," then "Pokemon: The First Movie" - I love the weird symmetry of this, that our group saw
    these on back-to-back weekends 

    - "The World Is Not Enough" - Christmas came twice in 1999

    - "Dogma" - I often forget about this one.

    - "Galaxy Quest" - An all-time great!

  • I saw black mask with you.  The damn mask was crinkled--it looked like the wrappers on reese's peanut butter cups.  It bugged the hell out of me for the whole damn movie.  I seem to recall that he was just a simple librarian trying to rescue his sister or something.  Wikipedia says...I was right about everything but the damsel in distress.  It was horrible.  
  • Man, 99 was a great year for movies!

  • Stupid soundtrack to Eyes Wide Shut. hehehe
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