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Ranking the Metroids

edited February 2016 in Games and Gaming
Hard to argue with this list, though I think I have to put "Metroid II" closer to the top for nostalgia's sake. Maybe #4? But the top 3 are spot on, in my opinion.


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  • Phrasing.
  • I disagree with Other M being on the absolute bottom (Over a pinball game?!?! Really?!?!). It really wasn't THAT bad. Yes, Samus was too whiney, but the game was still really fun and I didn't mind switching between modes during fighting at all.

    I too would have put Metroid II higher, and I agree that the top three are perfect. Loved Super and Metroid Prime so much. The original is hard as balls too. I downloaded it a few years back on my Wii and tried to play it, and I jcouldnt even get past Kraid. My younger self beat this game back in the day. Crazy!

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  • I'm not really going to discuss the list - seems reasonable although I'd have a few things in different order. Instead, just some general thoughts on the quality of the Metroids:

    - Metroid Pinball is awesome. But it isn't really a Metroid game, so it's apples-and-oranges with the other games. But it really is awesome.

    - Other M is better than the internet gives it credit for. Unfortunately, it does have problematic plot elements. But I think that lead to a (justified) backlash that then became hyper-critical of all the other game elements, including gameplay. The gameplay is fun, and not bad by any reasonable definition of the word. That said, it would still rank lowest on Metroid games for me (although I haven't played Hunters). But being my least fave Metroid game is not really a bad place to be!

    - Metroid 2 is indeed, awesome. As is Prime 2 - these two black sheep have a lot of great, unique elements that have them stand out in my heart.

    - I would rate Metroid Prime Trilogy a hair higher than Super Metroid. And everyone knows the best 2D Metroid is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ...
  • BakaKuma said:

     And everyone knows the best 2D Metroid is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ...
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