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XCom 2 - Custom characters, followed by mini Let's Play

edited February 2016 in Games and Gaming
XCom 2 just came out, and has a lovely feature where you can create a pool of custom characters to draw from when the game recruits people.

Of course this means everyone will be added to the pool for my game. At a minimum I will create a male and female version of everyone. The male will use real names and the female will use some variation on real or nickname -"Frella Dar" and such.

If you have any suggestion for your character's name, or for that of someone that doesn't check the forums, let me know soon!

Also, while I don't know the limits of the character creator, if you have any ideas for the look of either of your characters, let me know as well.


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  • Uh...I nominate Corey.  Definitely Corey.  

    And, if possible, I think it was "Arab Terrorist with Gun with Red Tip."  

    Wow, that's a bad reference.
  • Well, everyone is getting a pair of characters (M and F), whether they want them or not :P 
    Each character has a First and Last Name, an optional Nickname (where applicable this will be KR references), and a Nationality.

    There are a lot of leg/chest/arm armor options that I probably won't play around with too much.

    There are several facial prop options, which I will try to post a screenshot or two of the lists later.

    Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the character creator where most browns appear black/grey when it comes to hair, so most people will appear to have some shade of grey for now!

    If you have an additional character you want me to create, let me know and I will add them.

    Also, all chracters are still fully customizable once in the game - this is just their initial name / appearance when they are recruited in each game.  So really the names are the main details, and any special requests ...
  • Audio language options for each character:
    US English
    Uk English
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  • Oh dear god, you know I love you guys, but we need a "Corey Italiano" that speaks like Mario and a "DEUTSCHE MATT" that shrieks in German.  Mike obviously needs an excited motivational speaker in each language.  

    Also, some throwback Mysterious Men characters.  
  • Good thoughts for the languages, will do.  I like the idea for the Mysterious Men characters, if I can remember (or have my memory refreshed).
  • BTW, none of the names are publically searchable, so no need to worry about that.
  • Here are the possible accessories. Probably same for each gender, if you see anything that tickles your fancy.



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    And it looks like someone made a thorough video with all the options. It's rather lengthy so no need to invest your time in it, but if anyone does and wants me to make a character with particular options, feel free to post it!

    Here are the possible options:

    Character Info:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Biography (Optional)

    Upper Face Prop
    Lower Face Prop
    Armor Pattern (Optional)
    Weapon Pattern (Optional)
    Face Paint
    Left Arm Tattoo
    Right Arm Tattoo
    Tattoo Color

    Facial Hair:
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Skin Color:
    Main Armor Color:
    Secondary Armor Color:
    Weapon Color:

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  • And the intial squad is:
    Default character you always start with in tutorial (Jane)
    Ian "Henchman"
    Warm Beer (Female Ian)
  • And the first casualty is Pez. While he bravely took the most shots, and aggressively attacked the Advent troopers, he was flanked and gunned down on the very first mission.

    Ian was wounded as well, but will recover.

    Both Ian and Warm Beer were promoted. Ian became a Demolitionist, and Warm Beer become a specialist.

    Two new recruits have come to fill the gaps left by the dead and wounded:
    Oni Hime (Female Kevin)
    Corey "Aiello"

    Even better, our reward for next missions, should we succeed: We will recruit one "Dr. Madurski"
  • Initial Team:
  • New team:
  • This is awesome.
  • The "Let's Play" of this will mostly be updating who joins, dies, and goes on missions ... so it won't be telling much of a story.

    I did discover that other than the character creator, the options for customizing characters is far more limited in game until a character gets experience. So I can still update them when in game, they just might be a little more vanilla until I get far enough.
  • If you noticed above, once the new team completed the mission, we got a new Engineer as a reward:


  • Oni levelled up to a Sharpshooter

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    And a new recruit joined for the next mission. BTW, I didn't choose aviators for him in the character creator. For some reason the game decided he really needed them ...

    Post edited by BakaKuma at 2016-02-07 00:43:16
  • Hard to see unless you look at the full image, but for some reason I giggled when I saw "Mike L. is panicked!" and the character started squeeling ...

  • Despite the jitters, he got enough XP to be assigned a class (which the game picks randomly).
    Interestingly, the game gives stats at the end of each mission for:
    Who does the most damage, who attacks the most, who moves the most, and who gets attacked the most.

    Appropriately, Mike L was awarded every imageone except "most damage" on his first mission ... "Guys, I found some!"

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