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Blood Bowl 2

As some of you know, Blood Bowl is one of my favorite Tabletop games of all time.  It is an awesome mix of theme, legacy play (leveling up), and tactics.  A few years ago, they developed the board game into a computer game and I got back into it through some online leagues.  Recently they came out with the second version of the video game port that improved some things (not sure exactly what yet as I haven't played it). Right now the game is on sale for 50% off as part of Steam's Lunar New Year sale through February 12. So just wanted to pass that on in case anyone is looking for an awesome game to play.  If you are interested let me know and I would be happy to play you and even teach you if you want to learn.


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  • I'd be interested in following a play-through on here.  :)
  • Hmmm, that's not a bad idea. I am not as creative as Kevin but that might be fun to do.
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    Ok, so based on Joe's suggestion.  I will try and record some of my action in this thread.  The first step in Blood Bowl is to create a team.  For Blood Bowl 2, they added a new team to the Mix - The Bretonnias.  So I figured I would try them.  The Bretonnians have 3 types of players: Blitzers, Blockers, and Linemen.  The Blitzers and Blockers are limited to 4 and you can have as many linemen as you want. The Blitzers are the all around players on this team.  They are the best at scoring and they are also very good at hitting.  The blockers are a little more limited but still good pieces.  They are good at taking down the opponents defenders and blockers and opening lanes for your scoreres.  The Linemen are really just to get in the way off the opponent on offense and defense.  As they level, the linemen can then be specialized to do some different things.  

    The question when forming the team was how I wanted to balance it out with the starting money.  I ended up going with 3 blitzers, 4 blockers,4 linemen, and 3 rerolls.  Since Blitzers are the most expensive on this team, I could have gotten 4 but I would have had to sacrifice a reroll, which would have been tough to do on this team.  So in the end my starting squad (named the Blitzny Lions) looks like this:


    The players and their numbers are:

    1 Sir Dog O de Air 
    2 Sir Doo the Appreciative 
    3 Cuz of the Real
    4 Twinkie Tickler
    5 Russ
    6 Sleepy Apex
    7 Discopearing Mick
    8 Chocolate Flavored Chip
    9 C the elbow (this will be my dirty player)
    10 Kenny the Painter
    11 Knight Rider Fan (this guy is going to be the guy who I let get beat on)

    It will probably be a week or so before I play the team as I want to play through some of the campaign to get the controls down before playing against a real opponent.  I will update here when I do though.
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  • Ok, I have not idea how to link an image on this forum.  Anyone have any advice? :)
  • I usually upload to a service like imgur and link directly, but there's probably an easier way.
  • That is a hilarious team.
  • MattyDoo said:

    I usually upload to a service like imgur and link directly, but there's probably an easier way.

    Yeah that is what I thought I did. I uploaded the image and then pasted the link in the box that came up after I clicked the image button. Strange...
  • Sicne I am lazy and haven't fixed it, you will actually see two different image buttons on two tool bars ... if one doesn't work try the other :)
  • Use the image icon from the longer, lower tool bar, and not the top short one. That should work. Also, make sure you are using the direct link, something like 
  • There we go - thanks Kevin!  I was using the correct button.  I just didn't add the .jpg to it.
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