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Pandemic Legacy

I bought Julie this game for her birthday (insert husband-buying-wife-gift-that's-really-for-him joke here), and man oh man, it is a helluva great game.

For those that don't know, the game is a campaign-style version of the classic Pandemic. You go month to month with an ongoing storyline, and the game itself gets affected by the decisions and results of each previous game. Objectives change, new rules are added, and even the board gets changed permanently. Julie and I are currently 6-3 in the game, and the board is all kinds of different and TONS of new game elements and rules have been added.

The game does get a little tedious - there is a LOT to remember as you get further and further in. We are about to start July, I believe, and it has been a blast. We've won some months by the skin of our teeth. It's crazy strategic, and also lots of fun. Just wanted to throw out a recommendation to my gaming friends. You can also play it solo too, in case your wife/gf doesn't do games :)



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  • I REALLY want to try it out.
  • Yea, this has been on my to get list for a while, though I'll probably end up doing a solo play through :)
  • Yeah definately a game that deserves is number one ranking on BGG. Steph and I are just through March but we are both enjoying it. Based on my plays and the reading I have done on it, I would describe it more as a story game with interesting twists and lots of tension as opposed to "crazy strategic" but in either case it is definately really fun!

  • The game definitely gets more strategic as it goes on. You go up to three, sometimes 4 objectives that you need to choose from, and sometimes you have to consider switching your goals mid-game to adjust to how the board is being changed. Plus, you have to learn to work around the permanent changes in the board, which can be a real headache. And, the number of characters you have to choose from only gets bigger, and you need to really consider the best combos of characters once your options become more diverse.

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