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Justice League...

Say what you want about how DC handles their movies...but this looks like they might be moving in the right direction:


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  • DKR Batman just seems like such an odd fit for the "new" JL.  Especially when juxtaposed against young-ish Flash.  I'm really digging Aquaman, though.  Definitely feeling like they are either accidentally or deliberately not showing off Cyborg.  Cyborg looks like J. August Richards as Deathlok on AoS.  Where is Superman??
  • LOL, yeah he does look like death lock. I will say that the preview was good but so did the previews for Batman vs Superman. I am still most excited for WW.
  • He doesn't look like him at all, except for the one shot where I literally said..."and then there's cyborg Gunn from Angel."  Any info on the box in the ground?  Is that the sigil of Darkseid's son, or what-not?
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