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Suicide Squad

Word on the street is that "Suicide Squad" is a pile of turds slow-roasted in the summer sun, and then those turds are shat upon again.

Anyone want to see it? Or have you already?


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  • Suicide Squad review (with very, very mild spoilers):


    If you heard me rant lately, it's no secret that the last two DC movies (BvS and the Killing Joke) left me enraged. BvS had Batman killing everything that moved, and Killing Joke made Batman a sex offender. I went into Suicide Squad with the attitude, "Okay, you hurt me one more time DC movies, and we are through." I am VERY happy to report that Suicide Squad was a fantastic movie.

    I am a huge Squad fan. My favorite Squad stuff is the 1980s Ostrander Squad, which did a great job of mixing spy intrigue with great character interaction. This movie is more of the modern take on the Squad - less of the spy element, more of a special teams/military focus. Which I didn't mind at all.

    For me, the thing that would make or break the movie was how they portrayed the characters. Deadshot, for example, is one of my favorite DC villains. Here is a quick breakdown of my thoughts:

    1) Deadshot was awesome. The movie did a great job of showing his two sides - the ruthless killer mixed with the hero beneath the surface. There were a few times his dialogue was a little too "Will Smithy", but I can live with it. I still think they should have cast someone different, but whatever.

    2) Wait until you see Harley Quinn. The trailers only scratched the surface, and didn't reveal (thankfully) how close she was portrayed to the Animated Series Harley. It was a wonderful surprise!

    3) Waller was done well too. Every bit as cold blooded as her comic counterpart. Maybe a little TOO villainous. There is one thing she did in the movie which bothered me a bit. I have to go back and look at some of my comics and see if she ever did something like this in them.

    4) Most people know that Batman shows up in the movie. He does something phenomenal in the movie. DC FINALLY depicted the Batfleck correctly.

    Now the big one....

    5) Joker: Leto did a great, great job. His Joker was more of a hissing psychopath. Clearly his line delivery came from Snyder's Joker portrayal in the more recent Batman comics. The lines were creepy and great. He was captivating to watch. I cannot wait to see more of him!

    The other characters were overall pretty well done. I liked the progression of the friendship between Flagg and Lawton. Very well done. El Diablo was good too: Very similar to his comic counterpart. And believe it or not, Captain Boomerang turned out to be one of my favorite characters! Yes, he was a dick (which he should be), but also had a couple of redeeming scenes. Though, what happened at the end of the movie with him may make him go total dick in the sequel :)


    1). The cast was just too big. Some of the Squad members got lost in the shuffle. Croc was the worst victim of this. He was relegated to nothing more than comic relief. Katana was overkill too. It was neat to see her on the big screen, and they stayed true to her comic character, but this was not the movie to bring her in. And it was kind of funny how everyone was so casual about her. Flagg: "Oh, here is another team member: He sword steals souls." Everyone else: "Okay."

    2) Apparently WB cut a bunch of material from the movie. A decent amount of the stuff they showed in the trailers didn't even make it into the final cut! Leto was supposedly NOT happy about it. As a result of the editing, the pacing of the movie is a bit off. It rushes at some points, and drags at others.

    3) Too many fight scenes. They honestly got old after a bit. It's especially weird, because they went back to do re-shoots to add MORE fighting. Pretty unnecessary, IMO.

    So, overall, a great film. I highly recommend it!
  • I'm still interested. I've never let reviews take away from the experience and I've enjoyed plenty of other DC movies and shows. Sometimes it almost seems like DC can't win with the mainstream media or reviewers, and Marvel practically can't lose. So I take it all with a grain of salt.

    My question for you, C: Is the love and knowledge of the comic characters what make the movie great for you? I ask because the only two glowingly positive reviews I've seen for this are from you and from Kevin Smith, who adores the DC Universe. Is it possible the weak reviews are reflective of an audience who doesn't "get" the characters because they're unfamiliar with them? I'm sure there are positive reviews from non-comics fans but I just wonder if the key to DC's success somehow relies on the audience knowing more about the comics. In the MCU, I don't feel that is as big a deal, as the entry point to enjoying those movies seems to be easily accessible for non-comics fans.
  • I saw Suicide Squad yesterday...I'll post my thoughts in the near future.
  • one left to see it with... :-S
  • ...I'll see it again.
  • Mike with the pity movie sloppy seconds for Matt.
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    Sorry! Been wanting to respond but didn't. I think they did a good job of making the characters accessible in the movie. I feel like you left the theater really understanding Deadshot and Harley. There were Easter eggs that only a comic fan would catch, but I don't think you need to be well-versed in Squad comics to enjoy it.

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  • Some non-spoiler thrilled thoughts on the film:

    • great soundtrack
    • the team was fantastic - fun characterization and a great playful tone
    • the setup for the film was great (the prologue)
    • the special effects were great
    • I loved the teaser at the end
    What didn't work for me? The villains. They were cookie-cutter, boring, and "supernatural" for almost no reason other than to back up Amanda Waller's reason for putting Task Force X together and as a reason to get the leader to take over the team. Aside from that...I felt they kind of ruined the movie.  You had such great characters on the "hero" side, fun banter, a playful tone, and decent writing.  It's a shame that, for me, the villains kind of ruined it for me.

    Is it as bad as the critics say?  Not in my opinion.  But do I understand why the movie is getting slammed? Kind of.

    Would I recommend seeing it?  Absolutely. In fact, I want to see it again just to see if my high hopes for it happened to make me more critical.

    Sadly?  I'd say Batman V. Superman was the better film.  And I know I'm in the minority on that one.
  • I think that, in a lot of superhero movies, the villains get the shaft. Think about it: Mandarin was terrible, Whiplash didn't do much, I personally didn't like Ultron, Baron Zemo didn't do much, Yellowjacket was terrible, Doomsday did very little, etc. Loki, Magneto and Lex Luthor are, I think, the exceptions. The teams are just so big, and the heroes need to be developed and introduced in an engaging way. Enchantress could definitely have been done better, but there just wasn't the time,

  • And Batman actually saved bad guys in this film, instead of killing them, so no, BvS wasn't better ;)

  • Going to have to stick my head in here--are you kidding?  Zemo won, and he wasn't even Baron Helmut Zemo--he was just whiny emo widow Zemo.  He freaking destroyed the Avengers.  He was awesome.  The slow burn to the big reveal took, like, three movies to get there.  It was epic!
  • dumps said:

    Going to have to stick my head in here--are you kidding?  Zemo won, and he wasn't even Baron Helmut Zemo--he was just whiny emo widow Zemo.  He freaking destroyed the Avengers.  He was awesome.  The slow burn to the big reveal took, like, three movies to get there.  It was epic!

    That is a very interesting point about Zemo! I need to go back and watch the Cap movies and pay more attention to the set up. They are so good.


  • Don't get me wrong, we can honestly pick apart most of the recent MCU villains.  I think (I think) I enjoyed Mandarin, but the whole fire-breathing extremis Christmas movie is what throws me.  I think I can understand why more mainstream Iron Man fans hate the fake Mandarin, but I have no investment in the character so I don't really care.   :P
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