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Stranger Things


These aren't even real Nilla wafers.


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  • My favorite show on Netflix. And Dustin Henederson is the new Samwise Gamgee/Foggy Neslon.
  • 2 episodes in. Very intriguing show! I never knew Winona Ryder had these kind of acting chops.

  • Did two more last night. This show is very addicting!

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    Watched episode 5 last night. Some cliche moments and a little weak writing - Why in the WORLD would the son NOT go and tell his mom she is not crazy?!? The excuse of her "not being able to handle any more right now" was so weak. And how did the anorexic girl see and hear the pulsing tree but the kid didn't? And why wouldn't he look in the tree right in front of her backpack? Both those things bothered me. But, still VERY intrigued to see how this all ends!

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  • Go C-Dad!
  • Well, the first 5 minutes of episode 6 addressed my concerns about the forest sequence at the end of 5 :). This is a great show. I find myself feeling the same way during this show that I felt during the first season of Heroes: I keep waiting for all the different groups (the mom/cop, the kids) to come together and unite against the villains. Great stuff!

  • I finished the show last night. It was simply fantastic. The acting and writing was unreal. By the end of it, you hated the villains so much, you loved Eleven so much, and you felt so bad for Hopper (man that last episode is a tear jerker). That is truly a sign of a great show - When you are completely emotionally invested in the characters.

    They definitely left some cool doors open for season 2, which I cannot wait for!

  • And Dustin is TOTALLY the new Sam!!! :)

  • Chief Hopper is my favorite character, by far.  Welcome to the club, C-Dad.  :)
  • Agreed on the Chief, Joe. I'm also a fan of the asshole teenage couple because they're just perfect as that trope.

    Still haven't encountered anyone in real life who didn't love this show!
  • Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Police Chief Hopper
    is about to punch you.

    Steve "idiot" Harrington has wonderful hair.
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