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Any of you guys watch "Preacher" on AMC? Or read the graphic novel?

I'm about halfway through the first season and it's really awesome. Just curious if anyone else has seen it.


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  • I watched most of the first episode when it was free on Amazon.  I enjoyed what I saw, but somehow never finished it.  I'll have to rectify that.
  • I always wanted to read the comic.
  • It's free to stream on if you have a cable subscription (or know someone who does...heh). I should finish the first season tonight, but it has been awesome. I love the actors and the little touches of humor throughout.

    I guess this first season is a de facto prequel to the comic, but it introduces ideas and plot points that are ultimately explored in the comic. I'm going to at least pick up the first set of comics after I'm done with the show.
  • I've always been interested in the comic as well. I'll add the show to my watch list!
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