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New TV...

So, I know everybody is busy with work, life and kids, but I was curious if anyone has had a chance to check out anything new on TV this season.

I haven't had a ton of time myself, but since I had today off I checked out Lethal Weapon, Son or Zorn, and Designated Survivor.  

Son of Zorn: Crap.  I didn't expect much...but was hopeful it might be a fun diversion. There are some clever ideas, but I didn't care for it.

Lethal Weapon: It's fun. That's all - it's a nice, just different enough take on Lethal Weapon and I'm really excited to see where it goes. I can't imagine it lasting more than a season or 2, but it's fun to see some of the old ideas from the movies in a weekly tv series. It's ridiculous (just like the films), but a fun throwback to classic buddy cop movies.

Designated Survivor: (aka 24: Now I'm the President, Bitch)  What's funny, is I remember after the 1st or 2nd season of 24 thinking, "I wonder if they'll get really crazy and make Jack Bauer the president). While it's not quite 24, the first episode was really, really good.  I just don't know if it'll last past the main hook of the series, but I hope so. We'll see.


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  • I haven't watched any new TV this season but we're going to catch up on "Designated Survivor" at some point in the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure if Mandy's going to be into it, but I'm going to start watching "WestWorld" as well, which looks interesting and has so far garnered good press. And, of course, I'm eager to see the premiere of "Jean Claude Van Johnson" whenever it premieres.

    Anyone watch "Ash vs. Evil Dead" yet?
  • Watching Survivor again this year. So far, pretty good! Very likable cast (the opposite of last year lol).

    The Flash premiere was good, even though it felt w bit rushed. Definitely excited to see where it goes this season. I've kind of given up on Arrow (which makes me a little sad). I still haven't watched Legends of Tomorrow. Hopefully soon.

    Julie and I started the last season of Walking Dead over the weekend. Two episodes in, it is already better than season 5 lol.

    That is about all the TV I have time to watch!

  • We haven't started Survivor yet. We're probably going to binge them soon, though. Season 6 of The Walking Dead was awesome!
  • Steph and I watched the "This is us" pilot episode last night. I knew nothing about it but when we were figuring out something to watch steph brought it up and said that people are comparing it to "Parenthood", which is a show we liked. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed he first episode. I don't want to spoil anything for those that might be interested but definitely recommend the first episode at least.

    I am also hoping to start Westworld soon to see if it is any good.
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