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American Gods

So, thoughts on the premiere episode? Because OMG.


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  • Wow.  That was just incredible.  And somehow they filmed something that I thought couldn't be filmed based on the description in the book...and somehow made it work.

    If the rest of the series is as good as the first episode, we are in for a treat.
  • It looks like I won't be able to watch it.  So, I don't have much to say.
  • Well, if you happen to have an hour to spare one day - give me a call, I'd watch it again.
  • Torrented the first two episodes.  Watched the first one.  Was awesome seeing Joel Murray in it, surprised there.  Mike, I assume you are talking about Bilquis' first appearance.  Did not understand the whole helmet thing with Technical Boy.  I hate myself for saying this, but they almost made Audrey a sympathetic character.  Wow that they almost went with the BJ scene, entirely agreed that it was cut for all the right reasons.  Mixed feelings on the airport scene, but it certainly does establish Wednesday as a grifter right off the bat.  Did not understand, at all, the lynching of Shadow by Technical Boy's faceless goons.  Tech Boy, I think was made too supernatural way too early on.  I assume that the mysterious savior of Shadow at the lynching will be a new character/plot.  Some features felt like a love letter to the original, some felt completely alien.  

    Low-key is fucking awesome, but I hate that they didn't do anything with his name.  It completely stumped me the first time around.  
  • Well, I've had several almost-posts in here...might as well drop this thought:  So much weird shit has gone down that isn't in the book and contradicts (at least in my mind) the thought and feel of the book that I'm going to call this show a full plain retelling of the story.  And since that's the case, I have no idea what is going to happen next for anyone, or how the show will end.
  • So as its own thing (not comparing against the novel), how do you feel about it overall? Worth watching?
  • I'm only 4 episodes in, and while there are differences I'd still classify it at as "Faithful."  I mean, in most cases, a movie can't capture a book word-for-word and feel-for-feel, so they have to make changes to account for format, etc.  For example, Game of Thrones doesn't follow the books exactly, but it's absolutely amazing.  I feel the same way about American Gods (...not quite as good as Game of Thrones, but still some of the best TV out there).
  • Parts of it are, word for word, scene for scene, straight out of the book.  Others are completely, utterly, totally different.  I can say that as someone who rereads the book, regularly.  But you don't get that feeling watching the show.  It makes the show more interesting to me, due to the fact that I honestly don't know what is going to happen yet.  I can honestly see the series completely departing from the book at some point, and still being okay with it.  Like Mike said, it's faithful...but it certainly doesn't have the same feel to me.  The book feels like a love letter to America, and Gaiman as an emigre has often mentioned that in discussion.  The show feels more like a quasi-sci-fi-mystery series to me.  
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