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GOT season 7 (spoilers)

So it had been over 24 hours and I am still on a high from episode 4. So I think it is safe to say at this point that it made it into ge pantheon of best episodes.

The final battle was pure awesome and probably the best battle yet. The episode really shined though because all the stuff before it was awesome too. Arya coming home, bran and little finger, Jon and Danny, etc.

It is going to be a long week till next Sunday....


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  • Awesome!
  •, I've really enjoyed this season...and yes that battle was amazing.  But...somehow...this season has felt a little underwhelming to me.  And I can't quite put my finger as to why.  I'll think some more on it.
  • Yeah I kinda of agree with you. 2 episodes were awesome and the others were just ok. For me the season is just too rushed. In getting the characters all around they have lost some of the great dialogue and character development they had.
  • I will say, I quite enjoyed the last episode of the season.
  • Yeah that was a good episode. I think largely because they took their time and worked on the small details around dialogue and timing.

    Overall the season was pretty squarely in he middle of seasons. 3 of the episodes were really good to great but the others just had some problems. Still can't wait for the last season though..... in 18 months...
  • MattyDoo turned me on to the "Shat at the movies" podcast a while back (it's great - they watch old "classics" from the 70-90's to see if they really are as good as we all remember).  At any rate, they have a sister podcast, "On The Throne" about Game of Thrones - it's pretty good and is making me reconsider my thoughts on this season a little bit.
  • The podcasters are good and I enjoy it, but they tend to sound like homers for the show. They're all, "Yeah, I could see why this would annoy people, but in our opinion everything is great!"

    The season was good, and I agree with Aron that it's probably in the middle in my estimation. I think what gets lost is the sense of scale with things - they literally took three or four episodes to get from Winterfell back to King's Landing in the first season. In one of the episodes of Season 7, Jon went from, like, Winterfell to Dragonstone and Eastwatch all in 20 minutes. A slight exaggeration, but still underscores the point that there's no time for the nuance of previous seasons. The slow dialogue helped build the characters and make the story feel more "realistic" within this world, whereas now it is feeling more cliched.

    One thought I had is that the creators subconsciously planted the seed of "we need to rush this" by only doing seven episodes instead of the usual 10. I argue that if they did do 10 episodes, which really would only have added about 1-2 hours of additional show time compared with the past seasons, then folks might have been more forgiving of the time lapses and minor inconsistencies. But because it's a truncated season, everyone is worried that it's going too fast to fit that smaller set of episodes, and it magnifies the angst about things moving too fast. Just my two cents.

    I still love it and look forward to the final season.
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    It's funny, while they were pretty fanboy-ish at the beginning, I thought they were pretty fair about the show in the end.  Especially their review of the suicide squad episode which they pretty much trashed. I guess I just found that their reviews were done as fans - fans that didn't need to pick apart every little thing, and could just enjoy it as a fictional story, without having to stress about the "science" of it all.  I think the challenge with this season is that, ideally, it should have been 10 episodes and that the story told, in past seasons, would have stretched 2 seasons, allowing for more depth and character development.  That being said, they saved a ton of time by not introducing any new characters, really and allowing background elements (pictures, books) and comments to fill in the mythology which was kind of fun.  But, all in all, I'm in agreement with both of you - it wasn't, in my opinion, the worst season - or even close - but it falls into the middle somewhere.

    ...but the jet-packing, especially in the last 3 episodes. was pretty ridiculous. :)
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  • I will have to check that podcast out. I listen to "Game of Thrones, The Podcast" and I really enjoy them. They usually have pretty good takes on things.

    Steph and I were really bummed to not have GoT on Sunday so we decided we would begin our rewatch on Sunday and watch an episode every week. Given the 67 episodes, we should finish the rewatch right in time for the final season (given we probably will have to skip some weeks). So I am sure this might change a little as I don't remember all the specific details of every season but my off he cuff season ranking would be;

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