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Board Game apps

So in what I am sure will be a surprise to no one, I have played a decent amount of board game ports as apps on my phone. As my phone got older and Hearthstone took up more space, I eventually had to take them off due to space limitations. However since I have finally upgraded I put a few of them back on. So I figured I would post some of my favorites out here in the off chance anyone has interest in board game apps. A lot of these will likely go on sale over the holidays, so if you are interested in any let me know and I can let you know if the price drops (though some are free, I just don’t remember which ones).

Lords of Waterdeep - this is probably my favorite BG port. It is a light-medium worker placement game set in the D&D universe. While I generally prefer my Worker placement games a little heavier, this is great for an app as it doesn’t require a ton of premeditation but has enough strategy to keep your grey matter engaged.

Ascension Chronicles of the Godslayer - This game has a strange theme so I will skip that part but it is a fun little deck builder that invented the random row deck building style that is seen in the DC deck building game that we played once with C. It had a lot of randomness to it but is fun one to play.

Agricola - Most everyone has played this one but just wanted to say that the app is a perfect port of the game. I actually haven’t re-downloaded this one but I am sure I will at some point when I am in the mood for something heavier.

Potion Explosion - I am told this is the board game version of candy crush or other games of that ilk. I never played any of those but just recently downloaded this one. It’s fun, quick playing, and just thinky enough.

Suburbia - another one that I need to redownload at some point. This is basically sim city the board game. Basically people build competing cities and you score points by laying down tiles to build population and income while balancing against pollution and other stuff.

Those are my favorites but there are some other good ones if people are interested in some other recommendations.


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  • I'm interested, especially if they are games we could play together via the app. Not sure if I could do it often but might be easier to accommodate. I'll check these out!
  • Yeah absolutely we could play each other. It works really well because people don’t have to be available at the same time. Basically I would take my turn and then you would just get an app notice that it was your turn and you can take your turn whenever you were available. Most games require some time limit just so they don’t havg out there forever but you can set it really high (like 40 days or something ridiculous).
  • What would you like to play first? There's a cost associated with most of these, and I'd be willing to buy one if you are up for playing.
  • I'd be in, especially any that feature take-a-turn-and-wait, since that fits my schedule much better.
    I've always been interested in Lords of Waterdeep, so that would be my vote, but I'd go along with anything.

    I know there is an Evolution app coming out soon; I really like that game, so I'd look into that as well.
  • Yeah Lords of Waterdeep is a good choice. Knowing the kind of games Matt likes, I think he would enjoy it and if Kevin has had an eye on it, let’s give it a try. In full disclosure, of all the games I listed it is probably the one I am best at. But it isn’t so complicated a game that you guys wouldn’t be able to pick up on ithe tricks after a few plays.

    So I would recommend downloading it, playing through the tutorial, and then playing through a couple games against the AI. They are relatively quick games and it saves your progress so a couple bowl movements will get you a practice game. ;)

    Once you are ready let me know!
  • My account name in LoW is "Dursk". Real original. :D
  • Just added you as a friend! I am airdog4evr in case you couldn’t figure it out. ;)
  • This is an awesome thread.  How are these apps with regard to cost?  Is this like Catan, where you pay once, and then pay for content?  Or like most pay-to-win phone apps, or what?
  • It’s moastly a buy once type of thing. Cost tends to be around $5 but they can range from free up to $10 (though the high side is very rare).

    The only exception is if the game has expansions, then it is additional for those. As with typical real cardboard expansions they are totally optional. For example, the game Matt just bought has 2 expansions ($3 each). I bought the game over a year ago and haven’t purchased the expansions. I likely will sometime when they go on sale just because I really like the game but i have had a lot of fun with just the base game.

    There is no pay to win type stuff because once you pay for the content you have total access to th game. At least for the ones I am talking about.
  • I am on LoW.  I love DnD and FR.  I lost the tutorial by a large margin, and have not yet been able to beat the dumbest AI on 1v1.
  • Awesome! I would be happy to give some beginner tips if you want. If you want to figure it out on your own that is cool too.
  • I'm open to tips.  Current tip right now: stop losing to the dumbest AI.
  • Haha. Here are some things to try:

    1. Concentrate on quests associated with your Lord. In most games I don’t even bother to complete quests that aren’t associated with my Lord. The end game bonus points are just too big of a deal. Obvious exception is the Lord that gives bonus points for buildings and not quests. Then you just concentrate on buildings and complete whatever quests make sense.

    2. Work to buy buildings early. The actions from buildings are better than the standard actions but whenever they are used the person who build them gets a bonus. So by being the one to build them you can either be the one to get the bonus or be the one to use the better space.

    3. Don’t under estimate intrigue cards. Using them basically gives you an extra action each round because you can use a worker to play the intrigue card but then you get to pick them up and play them again at the end of the round. The downside is that the intrigue cards are usually not as good as a standard action and you might lose the opportunity to get to a space you need, so there is some balancing. Overall try to play as many as you can.

    4. This one is a slightly more advanced tip but not all quests are created equal. The quests that give you bonuses for doing things are great if you complete them early and if they align with your Lord but not so great if you complete them late. Also the 20+ point quests are really good value plays.

    Try some of those tips and let me know how it goes. Or if anything I wrote doesn’t make sense, let me know.
  • I actually won a game, finally.  Random amount of points from my lord, for no apparent reason put me over by two points.  How do you check on who your lord is?
  • Ah yes, that is a key thing to know. It will flash briefly at the beginning of the game but you can check throughout the game by clicking on your avatar in the upper left corner. Like I said in the previous post, you really want to concentrate on completing quests that they reward you for. Or more thematically, since that is your character - completing quests that you are interested in.
  • The tutorial said to click on my portrait to check my lord, but now whenever I do that it just displays game stats.  The point allotment at the end of the game has been infuriating--no matter how well I seem to do, suddenly all the other players just get heaps of random unexplained points.  I can only assume that this is due to the Lord, and other bonuses.  
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    Hmm, I am not 100% sure what you are doing but it sounds like you are tapping a little too low. If you tap on the red square showing the point total (right below the picture) it brings up some things about game. If you tap on the picture itself it should bring up the Lord. If that isn’t it, make sure you are in the left side.

    The end game scoring is: points earned from quests + points from leftover adventurers (1 per cube) + points for leftover gold (1 point per 2) + Lord bonus which is typically based on how many quests of two separate types you completed.
    Post edited by airdog at 2017-11-23 01:19:11
  • I still have not played the tutorial yet. The interface is busy and intimidating. But I'm planning to tomorrow.
  • Yeah, I mean--I have a Galaxy S8+ with the over-sized screen and it's really hard to read everything.  ANYWAYS, yes, I replayed the tutorial and figured out that my giant fingers were just mashing the screen.  Since I don't have a special dialing wand, it took me a bit to find my portrait.  

    I started a game against Matt.  If I'm going to lose, it might as well be to a friend.  :)
  • You know you can zoom in. ;)

    The interface may seem intimidating but it really isn’t bad once you get used to it.

    Anxious to hear how your game goes!

  • I haven't been able to zoom in at all, just make the map bigger--which makes everything go off the screen.
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