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The Punisher (Netflix) (Non-Spoiler)

Just curious, has anyone else started watching this?  I'm three episodes in and have to say it's impressive.  So - my personal opinion - it's the best Marvel Series since the first season of Daredevil., that could change of course - but I'm really digging it so far - characters, narrative, pacing - it's all excellent.  That's saying a lot for me, because Punisher seems to be the hardest character to pull off as a lead (see all three movie attempts as evidence).  However, they are doing an excellent job continuing the stellar introduction of the character from Daredevil season 2.  I can't wait to see where it goes.


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  • Interesting. I wasn’t sure if I would watch it given that I haven’t even started defenders yet (have two more episodes of Iron Fist to slog through - it is almost as bad as everyone says it is). I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the whole season.
  • Airdog - if it's any consolation, I NEVER finished Iron Fist.  As far as The Punisher - I'm 4 episodes in, and so far, still the 2nd in my personal line-up - though, Marvel series tend to be a bit divisive when people rank them.  For comparison's sake, this would be my current ranking:
    1. Daredevil (S1) (Best villain, Foggy Nelson is my hero, some odd pacing, but overall a great first season)
    2. The Punisher (...a bit premature, but where it stands at the moment)
    3. Daredevil (S2) (Punisher as secondary character was perfect, fun story aside from going way off the rails at the end - Kingpin cameo was appropriately epic)
    4. Luke Cage (Great hero, so-so final villain)
    5. The Defenders (slow paced, but fun)
    6. Jessica Jones (Fantastic villain, great secondary cast, so-so lead character)
    7. Iron Fist (...)
  • Yeah I should have dropped IF. First few episodes were actually pretty decent but then it got bad. No kept hoping it would get better but now it is to the point that I am sticking it out just because I invested so much time.

    My ranking;

    1. JJ (best story by far, IMO)
    2. DD 1 (best characters)
    3 DD 2 (went on too long)
    4 Luke Cage (feel off the cliff halfway through)
    5 IF (so bad)

    I enjoyed all of them except IF though.
  • I think that's fair.  I just finished episode 7 of "The Punisher."  It's still blowing away my expectations. One of the thing I love about it (that, in all fairness, might bother others) is that it doesn't matter that it's a show about the Punisher - in fact, it's easy to forget it's a show about a "Super" hero.  It's just a good, well-written and acted show that happens to be about a comic book character.
  • So for once Mike may not have oversold something. ;). I am 4 episodes in and i am really enjoying the Punisher so far.

    I also really enjoyed Defenders. I would probably put both above DD2 on my list above (provided Punisher stays as good).
  • Lol. Me? Oversell?  I'm shocked!  I still haven't finished the season (I think I'm on episode 9 or 10).  I might watch an episode or two today. We shall see.
  • I finished this up and I have to say it was really good throughout. Tough to rank it after just finishing it but it is certainly in the top 3 of the Netflix Marvel shows and possibly the best.

    This is pretty surprising, for me, as the Punisher was always one of my least favorite comic book characters growing up. In addition the show gets a little political for a few episodes and takes the opposite side of the political issue I feel most strongly about (sorry if that is spoilerish to anyone). That just goes to show how good this show was that I enjoyed it that much.

    So highly recommend from me. Good part is it pretty disconnected from the other shows so you won’t feel lost watching it if you haven’t watched all the others (DD2 being the only one tied in at all).
  • Interesting. Our thoughts on the Netflix Marvel stuff have been on par for the most part (I didn't like JJ as much as you, but I love Daredevil so I think I'm just more invested/interested in that character, so I enjoyed it a lot). I am quickly falling behind, having not yet seen Defenders and now needing to get through this, but glad to hear it was good.
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