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The Last Jedi - Spoiler discussion



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  • I liked her as well. Also, in answer to your earlier question I didn't hear the Wilhelm scream but I'd be surprised if it wasn't there somewhere.
  • This one was posted on Facebook by a fangirl wife of a fanboy friend. I'll admit that, after reading it, I want to see it again and see where my impressions will fall:
  • That was interesting. I'm looking forward to taking my folks to see it this Wednesday and hear their take.
  • Something else I'm honestly interested in knowing, but am embarrassed to ask because I imagine all the rest of you will be, like, "Stupid's SO obvious!"

    What was the significance of Rey's vision in the cave?
  • No, I won't say that at all.  Frankly, I haven't decided.  It was weird.
  • J and I took the three oldest tonight.  They loved it, and I definitely enjoyed my second time through immensely more.  It didn't drag at all for me, except maybe with the Farthiers (or whatever) on Canto Bight.  The kid at the end didn't do as much for me this time around as last, either.  Got weepy when R2 played Leia's message, and when Luke died--I don't think that happened the first time through.  So, loved it even more.  
  • Stupid snow has interfered with me seeing it a 2nd time with my folks.
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    I was reflecting more on the movie and found myself enjoying it more and more. We all know that Lucas tapped into various religions when he created the mythos - Taoism with the Force, Christian and Buddhist monks with Jedis, Anakin’s miraculous conception, etc. But this one, IMO, had a couple of cool new concepts:

    Rey’s parents being nobody - People seem to be super pissed about this, but I think it is pretty cool. And, from a Tibetan Buddhism standpoint: When a Dali Lama dies, the monks searching for the new one look for kids who possess abilities out of the ordinary. The new Lama can literally surface anywhere. So Rey being a random adept is actually kind of cool (versus the whole “powerful Skywalker family” concept).

    The cave scene - In the Shinto religion, shrines are built in areas where Kami, or energy of the gods, is strong. These can be anywhere. I see the cave as one of those type of places - where the Force is strong. It makes the cave scene in ESB make more sense too if you look at it like this.

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  • I'm going to *try* to see it Tuesday or Thursday when the kids are back in school. I can't fathom taking my kids anywhere so kudos to you for taking three of them.

    Lots of good opinions on both sides. My current view isn't much different: As a standalone movie I enjoyed it, but I've still having a hard time reconciling it with the original six movies.
  • The kids were awesome, but they obviously wanted to be there. Henry was hilarious--"I hope they show the The Last Jedi preview!" He had no idea.
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