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No Spoiler impressions of Last Jedi?

Since I won't be able to see Last Jedi for a while, I was just curious on hearing any spoiler free impressions people had of the Last Jedi. What do people think overall? Where do you think it fits in your ranking of SW films?


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    All in all, I think people could make the argument that this is the best of any of them...but I will still concede that Empire is a better film because it is simpler.  However, this film, like Empire, make us question all that came before in Star Wars and changes what a Star Wars movie can be. I don't envy JJ Abrams having to follow it.

    Here is my ranking:

    1. The Empire Strikes Back
    2. The Last Jedi
    3. The Force Awakens
    4. Rouge One
    5. A New Hope
    6. Return of the Jedi
    7. Revenge of the Sith
    8. The Phantom Menace
    9. Attack of the Clones
    (More details in the other thread)

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  • I'll add one more point that I just ended my "spoiler" post with:

    This was the Star Wars movie I've been waiting to see since 1983.
  • Okay - one more point: I know I tend to get super excited for things, but it's worth noting that I initially walked out of the theater disappointed. At any rate - just pointing that out for what it's worth.
  • TheLion said:

    All in all, I think people could make the argument that this is the best of any of them...
    People who make that argument are on crack. ;)

    My opinion is that there were some fantastic moments in the movie but also a bunch of crap. While I agree that I have thought about the movie alot afterwards and that certainly leads credence to it being a good movie. I just can’t ignore the fact that I was completely bored for a good part of the movie when ranking it.

    1. Jedi
    2. Empire
    3. Rogue 1
    4. Force Awakens
    5. New hope
    6. Last Jedi

    Much farther down

    7. Attack of clones
    8. Revenge of Sith
    9. Phantom menace

  • Interesting perspectives, thanks!
    The only person I'd talked to so far is my daughters martial arts teacher, who is a pretty big Star Wars fan. His favorite is the OT (although he enjoy the PT, having been a young kid in the prime Jar Jar demographic when TPM was released).
    The day after he saw it is impression was it was "OK." The next day he changed to "it was good" and then mentioned he thinks he really needed to see it again to decide.

    I'll be curious to see where Last Jedi lands when I can finally see it. For the SW movies, I can understand why many consider Empire best, but when it comes to which SW movies I enjoy the most, I'd actually put it a lot lower than many films.  Probably:

    1. New Hope and Return of the Jedi
    2. Force Awakens and Rogue One
    3. Empire
    4 Clones and Sith
    5. Phantom Menance

    Even though PT is at the bottom, the fact is I think I enjoy those films far more than most of the Internet :)
  • Actuall, while I think the writing and acting is abysmal, I don't "hate" the prequels like many do. In fact, I'd still argue that the overall arc of the plot is better than anything we've scene in the original trilogy or the sequel trilogy ('s just too bad the acting, writing, and directing all kind of sucked...with a few moments of excellence - Palpatine in Episode III for example or Order 66).

    What's funny is that after seeing The Last Jedi...I was genuinely dissapointed at first - I was looking forwad to watching the most recent season of Rebels over my Christmas Time off...but almost didn't want to watch it.  then, as I thought about it that night (I felt like shit and couldn't sleep) I just kept thinking about it and it kept growing on me.  I'll be curious to see what I think when I see it again.  Until then, thouhg - I definitely love it.  I'm excited to see Force Awakens and Rogue One so high on your li
  • For some reason I can't edit the above post...sorry for the "usual" spelling errors. lol
  • For the first time in my life, I'm actually going to say, "You have to see it, to understand it."  That's something I've always hated hearing, and promised I would never say...but I'm breaking that promise.

    To understand why everyone is losing their shit over this movie, you have to just see it.  And if you like Star Wars, you will understand why people will be arguing about this movie for the rest of their lives.

    No disrespect to Casey, but I can remember when the new Star Trek movies started coming out and he said something to the extent of, "They're dead to me, they don't exist, they're not real Star Trek."  I'm hearing a lot of that from Star Wars people...and I wonder what he thinks/will think of it.

    It completely challenges your perceptions of Star Wars, in the best possible way.  It's a very, very, very Star Wars movie.
  • Or, to lift two lines from the trailers...what do I think about TLJ?

    This is not going to go the way you think.

    Let the past die.  Kill it if you have to.
  • When TFA came out, I remember making the argument that I thought it being "A New Hope 2.0" was a good thing, as it firmly connected the new trilogy with the original, which would allow later movies to go in completely different directions from the OT and still remain "Star Wars." It sounds indeed like that was the strategy they went with.
  • Don't worry, people are stupid.

    "Waaah! This movie is too much like the old ones!"
    has become
    "Waaah! This movie is not enough like the old ones!"

    That and all the "That would NEVER HAPPEN" "Character X would NEVER DO THAT" Bobcat Goldthwait once said, "You guys know, right? Chewbacca isn't real?"
  • I don’t think people having different opinions make them stupid...

    It is perfectly reasonable IMO for someone to not like ep 7 because it is too much like the originals (I loved ep 7). Also perfectly reasonable to not like 8 because it doesn’t feel like the old ones (again my opinion differs).
  • No, it's the people who started the petition against Disney to have them "recant" the movie.  The people who say things like, "There needs to be a damn good story reason for all these Chinese people to show up in Star Wars."  She's Viet, but whatever--your secret "I don't like non-white people" code is safe with me.  

    If I came off as dismissive to people who had valid personal criticisms of the movie, that wasn't my intent.  Sorry!  
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