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edited June 2014 in Movies, Music, More
Remember when you could listen to whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted?  When you had more than three favorite artists, and could chart when the next album was coming out?  Or planned parts of your summer around multiple concerts?

Me neither.

But if it ails you, PBS to the rescue.  Austin City Limits has had NIN on in the last year, and will have Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on this upcoming season.  Worth checking out.  Short, but more of a club vibe feel, and some songs presented differently than you might expect.  

Anyone bought any music recently?


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  • These days, I don't buy music what with a relatively inexpensive monthly subscription to Google music. I have mostly been driven by what I hear on Alt Nation on SiriusXM, so my most recent playlists are an amalgam of different things.

    I have been meaning to dive into Beck's back catalog for awhile now, though, so I'll see what comes of that.
  • Tell me about google music.

    The car albums have been Danny Weinkauff's "No School Today," the incredibly rare Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanian's "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (goddammit son, stop requesting this), and NIN's "Hesitation Marks."  HM has pretty minimal cursing, so it's easy to listen to the in the background when they're not making requests.  Not currently in rotation, but still in the console box are Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" and Klaypex's "Ready to Go," which are (gratifyingly) favorites of Eleanor's.  

    I listened to the full four album run-through of the "Curse of Monkey Island" soundtrack a few weeks ago.  Lately, I've been toweling and pj-ing Henry to Daft Punk's "Discovery."

    Hesitation Mark's final track (excluding the extended outro) has some funky saxing going on it, which makes it sound hilariously similar to "Purest Feeling."

    Pretty disappointed in Nick Cave's last few albums, but I guess you're never going to hit that sweet spot like The Boatman's Call ever again.  It's a wonder he lived through it in the first place.

    Oh, and Nickle Creek fucking reunited, holy shit.  Oldish news, but they will ALSO be on Austin City Limits this upcoming season.  I need to get that album.  Probably a different feel from the old school ones, but worth a try.
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    The only "new" albums I've gotten within the last year or so have been Hesitation Marks, TMBG's Nanobots (which may have become my favorite TMBG album), and a bunch of videogame music, which I find makes great background music for entering "the zone" when programming.  

    Oh, and there is KamiKakushi by MergingMoon, a Japanese melodic death metal band. Probably a bet of an acquired taste (as is death metal in general), but I love this album.

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  • Also been meaning to catch up on the catalog of TMBG. I've really not listened to much of their stuff post Severe Tire Damage, which is unsettling to think about since that album came out 16 years ago...

    Google Music is essentially Google's answer to Rhapsody or Spotify. Pay a flat rate, gain access to all the music available within that service's library. I've found it useful because I can listen to entire albums and catalogs from artists without having to purchase the album outright. The cost of listening to an album if I purchased it as a CD or digital download more than pays for itself with the subscription fee, which is $8 a month. I got that rate when they first debuted the service about a year or two ago (I think it's $10 or $11 a month now), and it's a nice thing to have. Since I'm quite intertwined with Google these days via the Android ecosystem, I don't mind it.

    Pandora has been a good standby as well. I probably listen to 2-4 hours of Pandora a day, depending on what I'm doing at work and whether or not we feel like watching TV or just listening to music in the evening after the kiddos come to bed. Been fine-tuning my own channel on Pandora for the better part of five years now, and I'd say they play songs I like about 90% of the time, which is pretty good.
  • If you want some silly metal, check out Northern Kings.
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    Now that YouTube embedding seems to be working, her is some japanese death metal!

    Post edited by BakaKuma at 2014-06-06 02:45:28
  • Eleanor requested Ye Banished Privateers this morning.  I forgot it was in the car.  Pirate Bay only pirate album.  Fun.  I also rifled past Nick Cave's "Push the Sky Away" looking for YBP.  Fucking weird hearing Cave sing about Miley Cyrus and the Higgs Bosun.  Not a terrible album, but he and the band are getting farther and farther away from the sound that made me fall in love with them.  Maybe I should get back to Grinderman.  Feeling more and more like I might identify with that line of thinking.   :P
  • I think there are a couple of Cave's 21st century albums that have not bought / listened to. The one's I have do feature some of my fave Nick Cave songs (like "More News from Nowhere").  But, at the same time, I think they also have a higher percent of songs that are not very memorable to me, so I'd definitely say I prefer the earlier albums more overall.  Probably my top 3 would be:
    1. Murder Ballads
    2. Tender Prey
    3. Boatman's Call. 
  • Actually, the Japanese death metal is not bad. Pretty cool!
  • Man, I can't even REMEMBER that song.  Murder Ballads is great, and was my front door to Nick Cave (thanks, Oni!), but the Boatman's call might be my favorite album of all time.  Goddamn.  No More Shall We Part is also pretty great, along with the Lyre of Orpheus/Abbatoir Blues double.  He's like Bowie, or even NIN to an extent--his eras are so completely different.  A Best Of album would be like a freaking mix tape.
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    Might try just posting tracks I'm digging at this moment, since I tend to obsess over certain tracks for awhile before moving on.

    This one from Big Data is getting lots of play on SiriusXM Alt Nation and I like it, but I like the weirdly twisted video even more. Enjoy!

    Post edited by MattyDoo at 2014-06-16 03:40:48
  • Kind of goes without saying, but this is pretty hilarious.  Current car CD, except for an f-bomb or two on (I think) Toddler Hiway.
  • oooh, thanks for pointing that out. Nabbed it, will be listening at work tomorrow :)
  • Listen for Linnell whispering, "Yasmin Bleeth, Meryl Streep, Yasmin Bleeth, Meryl Streep" during one of the backmasked parts.  Also quality: Flansy explaining the deeper meaning behind Rabid Child.

    I will say that I forgot some of the early great TMBG-esque songs on the album like Rhythm Section Want Ad.
  • I was coming on to say the two things you posted are a couple of my favorite things. Also the avatars talking about how the later albums were sell-outs :P
  • Definitely amusing.  I keep playing this mental game in my head where I get to pick another album for them to do.  If you had a choice for another live version of one of their studio albums, which would it be?
  • Apollo 18. Fingertips would be awesome.
  • It would, but they've done it live before--I was trying to think of something that balanced a lot of angles together, and my current winner would be John Henry.

    Gosh it's good to chat TMBG with my Oni.
  • They've done fingertips live, or they have done all Apollo 18 live, with fingertips randomly shuffled between songs, the way it was meant to be? 'Cause the latter is what I want B-)
  • AH, no I don't think they've done a Fingertips shuffle.  I'm pretty sure they released a live Fingertips album some time, though.  If I get a chance, I'll see what I can find.
  • Rewatching Gigantic, after all these TMBG feels.  Such a goddamn great movie.
  • Just watched "Word Crimes" - that was great! If for no other reason that he managed to work "Cunning Linguist" and "Dangling Participle" into a song. Nice!
  • Here you go:

  • Awesome :)
  • Just going to throw out that the Austin City Limits episode with NIN is apparently back in the repeats rotation on their website for viewing.  Trent deliberately did not want it to be "just another NIN show." If you have any interest, it's ABSOLUTELY worth watching to see NIN to play a "small" club show with a lot of acoustic elements and some awesome backing vocals.  Very cool, and absolutely unmissable in my opinion if you like NIN at all.

    Not sure how I feel about the new EP.  If anyone drops 80 bucks on the fragile extras vinyls, I'll spot you some cash for a copy of the digital files. 
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