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    Emo lobo is definitely the best description of him ever.  Unless we went with "Teen Emo Lobo," which might be a bit redundant--I'm not sure.  :)  I bet he listens to Linkin Park and everything.

    No huge can of worms, bro'  :)  Just...somehow immune to the appeal.  Mythologically speaking, Batman is probably my favorite DC character (the gadgets, the Rogue's Gallery, etc.).  The Flash, probably my least--with the caveat that all I know is he can run fast.  Quicksilver is an abomination.  Green Lantern Corps is a neat concept.  As for not ever saying anything nice about DC ever...ouch!  If I sound like that, then I need to issue a general apology to everybody.  Wasn't intending to come off as a comics curmudgeon.  Can't explain it.  Somehow Spider-man is cool, and Batman is dumb.  Completely irrational and unexplainable.  Like Coke and Pepsi.  They're almost completely identical, with identical franchise's and characters.  I like Coke but hate Mr. Pibb.  I hate Pepsi, but like Dr. Pepper.  I can't explain it.  DC has mythology reinvention (ie, all the Flashes, all the Lanterns, all the Robins), Marvel has character reinvention (WHY ARE THERE SO MANY HULKS?!).

    Having said that...Sandman is set in the DC universe, and it's the only comic to make me weepy.  Watchmen, too (not weepy, mind you), the big granddaddy, of which I own a few versions of.  As for Sandman...I cannot recommend it enough.  A very emotional and personal comic for me.  I'm a bit conflicted for the whole "Sandman Movie" franchise thing...because it's so personal.  I can't imagine it ever being appropriately adapted to any other medium.  I have an emotional attachment to that story that I can barely explain.

    I'm probably in a rut, now.  It's not like I can afford to explore new comics, so I'm unlikely to be able to give any particular DC series a try.  You guys have raised this point with me before.  I never thought I knew enough about DC to offer any particularly relevant criticism.  (ie Flash runs fast.)  If anyone ever thought I was dumping on DC with any particular "lol Superman" comments, it wasn't intended.  Frankly, both Lobo's are kind of silly.  Regularly Lobo always talks like Moroni from Johnny Dangerously.  Plus, he looks like zombie Elvis and he killed his entire race because he got bored.  

    Fargin' iceholes!

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    Also, holy shit, Matt--I can't believe I never posted this in this thread, but fuck you for getting to read the Martian all in one go.  I had to read it while Andy was still writing it, and he writes so goddamn slowly that we would have to wait months between chapters sometimes.  And holy shit, isn't Matt Damon going to be in the movie?  I can't believe it.  

    Also, fuck the Martian for being so awesome that Andy pulled his OTHER big serial Zhek off of his website to save for major publication.  The way he writes I'll be dead before it gets published.

    Also: Poops!
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  • And all that is fine, Dumps. You can like whatever the heck you want to like. Just please keep your negative comments to yourself, especially when you admit that you don't know enough about something to "offer any relevant criticism." If you want to have a discussion about something, that is all well and good. But, like in the Man of Steel debate - don't hate on something without even giving it a try first.
  • And yes, Lobo is definitely silly :). That is the point of the character IMO. The fact that DC is trying to make him more serious...THAT is TRULY silly lol.
  • Isn't that the point of movie trailers, though?  That I can see the trailer for Batman Begins and be like, "Oh, okay, maybe."  See the trailer for Age of Ultron and say, "WANT NAO."  See the trailer for Man of Steel and say, "No thanks."

    Maybe I'm just a hard to reach demographic.  
  • You want to know what's odd to me...I'm not really that excited for Avengers: Age of Ultron.  And I loved the prior's weird.  I don't know if I'm just Marvel Movied out or what.  Though, in all fairness, that might make me love the movie even more once I see it.
  • I could always take or leave Lobo.  He was kind of the Deadpool of the DC universe (just in his irreverence to everything).  The only time I really enjoyed him was in the Superman animated series as voiced by Brad Garret from Everybody Love Raymond - he was pretty awesome.
  • I still fondly remember that scene from the Superman animated series where the Collector-guy's robot punched Lobo through the hull of the spaceship and he was just flying through space swearing.

    "Bragga-fragga-fargin-fraggin....." Etc. Lol!
  • SuperCDad said:

    I still fondly remember that scene from the Superman animated series where the Collector-guy's robot punched Lobo through the hull of the spaceship and he was just flying through space swearing.

    "Bragga-fragga-fargin-fraggin....." Etc. Lol!

    This is exactly the moment I was thinking of.  Hilarious!
  • He's not really the Deadpool of the DC universe--that would be Deathstroke.  Deadpool was created to explicitly lampshade Deathstroke.  Which is why they have identical names, costumes, powers, and origins.  Unless you mean the sort of meta-comedian role, in which case I have no idea.  Remember, Matt, I don't really know anything about this stuff.   8-}
  • Who said it??




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    2. Holy fragaroni!
    3. Izzatafactnow?
    4. You want any more rare dorks snagged, you got my number. 
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    5. You hear me, you rag-fragging geekwad? 
    6. You fargin sneaky bastage. 
    7. Fraggin bastich!
    8. Dirty son-a-ma-batches.
    9. I'm gonna cut off your arms. I'm gonna shove 'em up your icehole. 
    10. Bastich, next time I kiss ya with a fraggin bullet.
    11. I'm gonna crush your boils in a meat grinder. 
    12. An who th hell welded this fraggin dog to my butt?
  • dumps said:

    Remember, Matt, I don't really know anything about this stuff.   8-}

    Yup. Your knowledge base is truly lacking! :O)
  • We've equally been exposed to Bertor Ardeen's telepathic powers.  Maybe you moreso.  
  • Yeah, I had forgotten that Bob was the father of Saturn Girl.  Nice!
  • I'll admit, outside of Batman, DC doesn't appeal much for me either. I mean, I usually enjoy the non-Batman DC movies I see, but I don't make extra effort to see them. (Although my wife and I have gotten into Arrow and are thoroughly enjoying it, "The OC"-drama and all...)

    But a big part of that is probably ingrained to when I was going up. Mike mentioned this in a post somewhere, but much like making a choice between Nintendo and SEGA (Nintendo was obviously the right choice), I like many kids with a very limited budget really could only afford to invest in one universe. So, with so many hours spent diving into that universe in the formative years, it probably creates a subconscious bias for all things Marvel.

    Although, like Than, Neil Gaiman's Sandman is one of my all time favorite comics of all time, and that is DC universe. I really can't recommend it enough. 

    As for what I am currently reading:
    I've got several months of Batman and X-Factor (which sadly is the last of those comics as it was cancelled, leaving me without an active Marvel title).
    I'm reading the penultimate book in the World of Time series (Sanderson has done wonders for the series after taking over for the late Jordan)
    I picked up PDFs of the previous edition of Malifaux rulebooks, and I am reading through all the fiction there (It is a pretty rich world with lots of short stories in the rulebooks, ranging from mediocre to excellent).
  • Fun fact--Air dog's brother (purposefully being deliberately vague here) has worked on a lot of CW shows.  I know he was on The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, with a segue on the set of Constantine.  There's a good chance that, if he ever updates his resume, he'll have been around some of the current/upcoming superhero shows.  
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    Nothing... :D
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  • Apparently can't delete unintended posts?
  • I can if you like ... or we can just leave these here to make the Internet a richer place.
  • I'm all for richness in the Internet!

    Anyway, I meant to post my early impressions on the Dark Phoenix arc in Uncanny X-Men, which I'm reading currently. So far it's pretty good and enjoyable. Since it's one of the so-called best arcs in the series, I thought I'd give it a shot.

    What cracks me up the most, though, is this:


    The Dazzler? Seriously?

    More thoughts when I complete the arc.
  • Heh. The 80's.
  • Lol, that is the comic arc I have read multiple times. Got to love dazzler!
  • So, I finished Dark Phoenix tonight. And OMG, I'm in awe. What a fantastic arc! I mean, granted, it's 35 years old now, but still. Wow!

    What is interesting (and, again, my main interest in reading these old arcs) is how it helps me understand the movies given its comic context.

    Not gonna lie - as much as I loved X2 when it came out, the whole Phoenix thing went over my head completely. Had no prior knowledge and while it was cool to a degree, I didn't really appreciate it. But having read this arc, I appreciate so much more from the movie franchise. Not only for Jean Grey and Cyclops, but for Sebastian Shaw, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Storm, etc. It also introduced me to Kitty Pryde who, from the movie perspective, barely exists yet seems like a fun addition at the time.

    Of note, if you're looking for a single comic to summarize virtually the entire history of the Xmen up to a certain point, Uncanny X-Men #138 pretty much does it.

    I'm gushing over this, but seriously. She fucking makes a star go supernova and literally murders 5 BILLION beings! It's just...yeah. Awesome. Anyhoo, that's what I'm reading at the moment. @-)
  • Yeah it's awesome, without a doubt!
  • dumps said:

    What are you reading?

    Since I'm done listening to lectures in the car now that I've taken (and hopefully passed) my board certification exam, I'm diving back into my audio book list. And I can't remember if I read about this book on io9 or elsewhere, but I decided to listen to "The Three-Body Problem" over the past week.

    Here's a link to it on Wikipedia:

    Turns out it's the first of a trilogy (which I didn't know when I started but am glad to know based on how it finished).

    It's a decent book, though admittedly difficult to follow at times. The names are Chinese and often sound similar (though the narrator did an exceptional job differentiating characters with his voice acting). As a straight translation from Chinese, the book is heavy on Chinese political history and actually required me to do a little research to help define the context.

    But other than those minor plot points and some sluggish expositional dialogue to explain complex scientific issues, it was genuinely interesting. The Wiki link sums up the plot but as sci fi goes, it's a solid start to what I hope will be an interesting final two books.

    I don't know when the last two books will be translated, so it might not be worth investing the time on now, but consider it when they're all translated for an interesting sci-fi story.
  • Nice to hear your thoughts on The Three Body Problem. I'd heard of it through reading about the whole Hugo "puppygate" kerfuffle going on this year, and it sounded like a pretty interesting read. 
  • Yeah, I can't speak much to the plausibility of the science, but it reads like "science fact," if that makes sense. It feels like a real scenario, even if it isn't.

    I appreciated the detail of the Trisolarian civilization and am eager to see where it goes in the subsequent books.
  • I'm going to have to investigate this puppy kerfuffle, though...
  • If you've got lots of spare time, I'd suggest reading through George RR Martin's blog, starting with this entry:

    He does the best job I've seen, over a series of several blog posts, explaining everything Hugo and Puppy related.

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