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Mailfaux: You got your gothic Victorian horror steam punk old west in my tabletop skirmish game!



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  • Whoa, tell me more!
  • The theme for the second round of the Iron Painter comp was "The End of the World As We Know It."  I decided to go a different route from most of the grimdark entries ;)

    This time we were in groups of three, with only the top from each group moving on. Sadly, I came in second in points for my group, but that was what I was anticipating. Ultimately, I got two reall fun paint jobs out of this competition.

  • That is frickin' awesome!  Great work!
  • From a certain point of view, that kinda looks like me after a plate of pad thai rated "Thai Hot 2."

    In either case, very nice job!
  • Posted this on FB but figured I'd repost here. I've been painting one of my crews, per my daughter's request, as My Little Pony characters.   The latest one I finished is Rarity.  After this I have one more to go, and then I will make sure to get some photos of everyone.. er, everypony.

  • That is gorgeous.
  • Nicely done, sir!
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