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E3 2014

edited June 2014 in Games and Gaming
Anyone else following E3?

Lots of good stuff this year. Sony's conference pretty much cemented that I will get a PS4 instead of an XBox One.

However, the highlight for me so far: Open World Zelda:


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  • Also, teaser for Warmachine tactics:

  • I thought they were getting rid of E3 a couple of years ago. Ah well, good to see they still do it!

    I have not purchased a game in a couple of years and have no immediate intention to buy a next-gen console. I just don't play as much as I used to in order to justify the cost. That said, I'm interested to know your thoughts on why you're choosing Playstation over Xbox.
  • And Grim Fandango is back...but just for other devices?
  • @dumps My suspicion is Grim Fandango will see a PC release.

    @MattyDoo The main reasons are PS4 has more exclusives I am interested in than XB1 (most of what XB1 has I would get for PC), and the people that I know that have or are getting a next gen system are going with Ps4. The vita integration for remote play is a nice plus too.
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