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PC Gamin'

So, I finally ordered my first PC in over a decade last week and it should be here by the weekend. While it's really a purchase so I can work from home in the evening and on weekends more efficently (, life and priorities change), it occurs to me that it does offer some gaming opportunities. While I realize everyone is busy with life, multiplying families, and work, I wondered if there were any cheap, older games we'd have the opportunity to perhaps play together every so often. I've been out of PC gaming for a I'm clueless, but though I'd post on the off chance anyone was interested (of thought they might have time for some online shenanigans once in a while).

If not - no worries, just looking for more ways to connect every so often.


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  • I'd definitely be up for finding some games to play together. I'd say BL2, but we already have that one covered on PS3 :P
    Did you play Portal 2 co-op mode? That is a good one.
    If you wait for a sale, Left 4 Dead 2 is supposed to be good co-op ... I have it from when Valve gave it away free for a weekend, but haven't tried it yet.
    The Secret World is an MMO with a very City of Heroes feel to it (is modern myth / conspiracy theory) that doesn't have a sub and goes for about $10 when sales hit.
    If I think of others I will let you know.

    The Secret World is an MMO with a very City of Heroes feel to it (is modern myth / conspiracy theory) that doesn't have a sub and goes for about $10 when sales hit.
  • I rely on your collective knowledge of PC gaming. I know nothing. But I'm game for anything.

    Worth mentioning that Ian has been begging us to play Marvel Heroes online for months. Judging by the interest his request has generated, though, I imagine it's not a top choice. >:)
  • I used to have Left 4 Dead 2 on xbox.  Our Chief Marketing Officer and I played it once...we still talk about it to this day - it was epic.  Don't know why we never played again.  I would happily pick it up on Steam to play with up to 4 peeps - it's just a pure fun game.  Anyone else interested?

    Actually, Borderlands 2 is on sail this weekend on Steam for less than 10 bucks - Kevin and I have been playing it on PS3, but I would happily pick it up on steam too.

    I'd also be curious about The Secret World as well.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'd really like to play some games again with each of you.  Heck...I'd even download Marvel Heroes Online if that's what it took! ;)
  • I'd actually prefer BL2 on PC to PS3, since PC controls are nicer on my wrists :)
    I am really game for anything, so while I think all the things suggested would be great, I'm open to any suggestions; it'd be awesome if we could get 3 or 4 people gaming together again, even if only once every week or two.
    A very random one I thought of that might be fun to try is Terraria. It is and indie game, I know dumps was able to play some; maybe best described as a mix of a 2D mine craft and a hack and slash RPG. We can setup a shared server to play on, I believe.
  • Was just looking into "The Secret World" - have to say, looks fun.
  • I've heard good things, but the days of me playing MMOs are over.  :/
  • Baka had mentioned "Terraria" as a fun co-op type game.  It's actually on sale on Steam today for $1.99.  I think the sale ends in an hour - but might be a cheap game to try. I took the plunge since I've heard nothing but good things.
  • Borderlands 2 Game of the Year edition is on sale for $9.99:

    Great Game - Baka and I have it for PC, it's 4 player co-op and just a lot of fun and hilarious. Any takers?
  • I'll give it a look. Only thing that might be an issue is my 4-year-old laptop, but I'm up for trying anything others are playing together.
  • Purchased it just now before the $10 deal expired. I'll try to get it set up tonight and maybe play later this week.
  • Sweet.  Looking forward to it.  I can't wait to fight our first battle against a height challenged villain atop his giant beast.  Which sounds all kinds of wrong...but isn't...though is, once you see the character.  Baka and I had a blast defeating him before, especially when we both died together in a very awkward position involving heads and crotches.  But, sadly, no peanut butter filled hot dogs.  Baka, you up for starting Borderlands over?
  • I am definitely up for it!
  • Sweet! Look out, ClapTrap, here we come. soon as I typed that sentance I instantly regretted it. :)
  • Anybody up for trying to play tomorrow evening some time?  Let me know.  I'm out on Wednesday because of a retirement party (I probably won't be back until late).  Thursday's negotiable, but normally that's my night to learn juggling (well...that's the scheduled time...doesn't happen often).
  • Probably not going to be good this week. I'm prepping a manuscript for publication in a pharmacy journal and I want to get it done this week.

    I still need to download from Steam, too.
  • No worries, perhaps we can plan for next week.  Good luck with the journal manuscript - that's awesome!
  • Poop Chute Babies, by Doo MD.
  • MattyDoo said:

    I still need to download from Steam, too.

    Make sure to let us know your Steam ID, too.
  • I think I need to figure it out for myself! Haven't used it in ages. :D
  • Well, when you log into the Steam client (if you can get that far), up near the top are STORE LIBRARY COMMUNITY STEAMIDNAMEHERE ... probably the easiest way to find it. (Note that it is different from your login ID).
  • still haven't played Borderlands 2 - we need to rectify that! That being said, Left 4 Dead 2 is on sale on Steam this weekend for 4.99.  It's an older game that should run well on most PCs and it's 4 player co-op against zombies.  Just a sugestion.  I have it on Xbox 360 and it provided one of the most memorable co-op gaming experiences.  

  • Yeah, I've not held up my end of the gaming bargain. Sooner or later the craziness of the past few weeks will end and I'll do it.

    I'll jump on this deal when I get back home from the "land of corn"... ;-)
  • Ah, corn country!  I'm in the same boat, once November 11 passes, I'll have a ton more free time.  That being said, I may be able to swing some gaming in beforehand. Baka, do you already have L4D2?  I'll pick it up now...and then work for a bit.  Anybody else up for some zombie killin' action?
  • As long as I have a day or so notice, I should be available most nights to play either BL2 or L4D2. I do have the latter, though I haven't played it yet. (They actually had one weekend where you could get it free on your Steam account if you installed it, so I snagged it at that time).
  • Okay, so I have a Thanksgiving Day some point, we need to plan some time to play some PC games online. Perhaps next week? That being said, I don't expect anyone else to jump on this - but just in case, Diablo III and its expansion "Reaper of Souls" are both on sale on right now for $15 a piece. I jumped because I've been wanting to try them out, but the multiplayer is supposed to be a blast. So, if anyone's interested (though, no worries if you aren't), I've posted the links below.
    Diablo III:
    Reaper of Souls:

  • Pick a night this week, and as long as I have a day notice I will be available. Not sure that I'll jump on DIII, but still have BL2 and L4D2 :)
  • Baka,

    Sorry I didn't send out an invite for gaming this week.  Been kind of an odd week.  Sorry about that! I'm eager to play...just been that type of a week.

  • So, I got around to trying out Diablo 3 today.  I wasn't completely sure If I'd really like it or if it would be more nostalgic given playing 1 or 2 back in the late 90's and early 00's. It's a blast.  It really recaptures the old game play (for those that haven't played it - the controls are more similar to something like City of Heroes, though you use your mouse to click where you want to move (I can't remember if you used the mouse or the WASD keys to move in COH/V).  At any rate, it's great fun.  The game actually comes with 4 codes that allow anyone to play the majority of the entire first act (there are 5 acts including the Reaper of Souls expansion). So, if anyone wants a code, let me know and I'll pass it on.  Might be another game we could occasionally play in together. Just a thought.
  • Sure, I'd take a code :)
  • Heh, sooner or later, I promise, I'll find some time to get some of these games downloaded and we can play together. December is stupid busy but January begins a series of months where I'll pretty much have a week of vacation every month, so if nothing else, the future looks brighter for my game playing in 2015. :-)
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