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Online Gaming IDs

Post your online gaming IDs here, so we have a central place to look. Once you make a post, you can always edit it later to add more.


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  • edited August 2014 Posts: 735Vote Up0Vote Down
    I'll update the "---" when I have a chance to look them up.
    Steam ID : 
    WiiU: Boof3001
    PSN: --- Boof3001#1695 (I think this is how it work, haven't used yet)
    XBox Live: UreshiiAkumu 
    3DS: Boof3001
    IOS game enter: ---
    Post edited by BakaKuma at 2014-08-31 23:54:30
  • edited September 2014 Posts: 0Vote Up0Vote Down
    Steam ID : TheGamingLion1150 (might just appear as "TheLion")
    WiiU: N/A
    PSN: LIONsROAR1150 (...I have to double check this but PSN is currently acting wonky) N/A (though, if we pick up Diablo 3, I'll create one)
    XBox Live: Frell Darr
    3DS: N/A
    IOS game enter: N/A (...actually, I probably have one...I just almost never play games on my iPad)
    Post edited by TheLion at 2014-09-08 23:15:13
  • SteamId. da.pitz DaPitz#1621 (hearthstone)

    LeagueOfLegends. Alston Reztip
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