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Just curious if anyone else has followed any of the GamerGate nonsense (well, nonsense is a very light description, considering the amount of vile misogyny, threats and actions behind it...) ?  I figured now that it is starting to reach established news sources (such as New York Times) some of you may have encountered it.  If not ... you are probably better off. Just know that it has nothing at all to do with ethics in journalism.

I am pretty sure the hashtag is now in its death throes, with essentially the equivalent of benghazi nuts still championing it. Unfortunately, the hate, misogyny, sexism, and vileness behind it was around long before it, and will live on after it. My main hope for gaming is that those behind this become an increasing minority, and the rest of the gaming and dev community pushes for greater inclusiveness and diversity - ultimately leading to a richer, far more expansive medium of games.


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  • I've read and re-read it, but I'm not sure I quite understand the impetus for the harassment. I mean, I guess if you believe Zoe was in cahoots with Kotaku, it might compromise the integrity of the journals or sites which review all games, but its the harassment for this or some other larger reason I don't understand.

    I've never been deep into "gamer culture," so I suspect that explains some of my ignorance. Regardless of the reasons, though, the gamers and others who participated in the misogynistic attacks are idiots.
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