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New Archer...

edited January 2015 in Movies, Music, More watch the latest Archer?  "I am not racist!"


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  • Still playing catch-up. Stuck in season 3. But good that it's still good in Season 6!
  • I've been waiting for Season 5 to hit Amazon Prime, hopefully now that 6 is showing, it'll be headed that way soon.  I've heard lots of mixed feelings on 5, with the whole Archer Vice thing, what is your take?
  • I thought 5 was okay.  I thoroughly enjoyed it,and it had some absolutely hilarious moments, but It didn't quite hit the high notes of the 4 prior seasons which I absolutely loved.
  • Not related to season 6, but I just watched the episode in Season 3 on the train with the Canadians and the ocelot. I don't think I've laughed harder at a cartoon ever.
  • That ocelot train episode might be my favorite episode of the show. That or the one where he is making the vengeance movie - "Terms of Rampagement" lol.
  • YES! That one was hilarious, too.

    Just saw the one with the Italian prime minister being shot. The dinner party sequence was hysterical.
  • Indeed lol. When, if ever, will season 5 arrive on Netflix?
  • So, back to back Season 4 episodes where they are in the honeymoon suite and had to stop the North Korean uranium trade, and the one where they had to pick up the giant dog in Morocco were AWESOME.

    Never has simulated sex with a burrito been more hilarious.
  • I don't know if it's the fact that I'm watching episodes when they air, instead of marathoning it, but this last season seems kind of tame.  It has had some real winners, though.
  • I'm not caught up this season, but I agree - of course, I felt the same way about last season (which I also watched as it aired).  I did just watch the episode where they were trapped in the elevator...and it was pretty good.
  • That was great.  Ray is consistently one of my favorite characters.
  • I'm still waiting for season 5 to hit free on Amazon or Netflix. I don't get FX, so I can't watch as they air :(
  • I *think* you can get them on Amazon Instant Video, which is how I usually follow "must-watch-right-now" shows. Even at a-la-carte prices, I'm still saving hundreds of dollars vs. cable, so I'll probably investigate that when I finish Season 4 on Netflix.

    Got halfway through the Pope episode of Season 4. Every time they swear by cursing the lord's name it's hilarious.
  • FYI, the fifth season of Archer is now on Netflix and Hulu.
  • I take back everything I said. If the season was building to the most recent episode, it was worth it.
  • I watched the first four episodes of season 5 the other night. I agree with the sentiments that it hasn't been as funny as past seasons (so far). I did laugh my ass off when Pam kept honking the horn on the forklift in the mansion, though. Sometimes the simple things are the funniest things :)
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    The episode where the visited Lana's parents was absolutely hilarious. (Season 6)
    Post edited by TheLion at 2015-03-13 22:06:43
  • Did a bit more of season 5 the night we canceled our Game Night. Laughed my ass off at the coked-up Pam getting shot by like 1000 tranquilizers lol.

    Overall just not a very funny season though. Anyone just want to tell me what the end result of the season is, and if there are any "must watch" episodes?
  • Archer Vice is a great season.  :)

    The show reaffirmed it's place in my heart with a fucking "Slim Goodbody" reference in last week's episode.  Oh my god.
  • Slim Goodbody? Jeez, that's reaching for some obscure but hilarious 80s nostalgia. Looking forward to the Netflix release of Season 6 this time next year to see what you mean!
  • I'm with C on this one, I was a bit disappointed with Archer Vice.  I still enjoyed it, but it didn't feel as "Archer-y" as past seasons.
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    I'm sorry, the team with (spoiler) a virtually unlimited mountain of cocaine wasn't hilarious?

    ALSO: (spoiler) most recent episodes of Archer--the most unexpected and fucking hilarious return of Conway Stern (maybe, I guess?) I have ever seen.  

    EDIT: Or Lana?  How do you even...   JAZZ HANDS!!!
    Post edited by dumps at 2015-03-31 16:07:20
  • I watched the season finale last week.  Looks like the next season is going to have some interesting changes.  Which is status quo for this show...but not in the manner that they're doing this time.
  • I'm still moving through season 5, and even though I still find it mostly disappointing, I gotta say: The episode with Kenny Loggins and Lana's baby shower might be one of the best episodes in the entire show's history. I loved Kenny's briefcase, which contained "either weapon's grade plutonium or a human soul."

  • Okay, if this is  the theme for this season...this might redeem the past few seasons I haven't cared for.  Magnum PI Rocked!  Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!
  • I tried so hard not to like this show, but good god is it wonderful.  
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    Agreed, mostly. I've never tried to not like something, only to like it later. Curious what you mean in this case.
    Post edited by MattyDoo at 2016-02-02 16:49:02
  • I started out hating it just because of the art style.  I just hated it.  They looked like paper dolls moving around.  I love it, now.  Also, hated the over-sexualization and inappropriateness of all of it.  Love that, also, now.
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