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Marvel reboots....sort of....

No intentions on starting a Marvel vs. DC fight here. I just wanted to see what the Marvel fans of this site thought of Marvel's big announcement yesterday. For those that missed it:

1. The Marvel Universe that has existed for the last 70 years or so is ending. Marvel is combining its Ultimates Universe with the Main Marvel Universe.

2. Marvel may take this opportunity to retcon (change) certain elements of its history. For example, hints were made that Gwen Stacy's death might be retconned. The extent of these retcons remains to be seen.

DC did something very similar to this with its New 52 retcon a few years back. It ended its old universe, and folded together the Wildstorm, Vertigo, and main DC Universes. DC also retconed some things of its old history (Teen Titans, Wonderwoman) and left some of its history alone for the most part (Batman, Green Lantern).

So what do the Marvel fans here think? It has got me curious, that is for sure. Maybe I'll start reading some Marvel stuff again (I have been DC only for about 8 years now).



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  • I hadn't read that, but then I only collect two comics - Batman and X-Factor, so reboots tend not to be too huge for me. Especially since X-Factor tends to be mostly in its own little world.  

    A bit of a tangent, but not being into DC beyond Batman has made watching Arrow interesting, since I don't catch most of the references to minor DC characters or villains.
  • Which Batman comics do you read Baka? Just the main title, or any others too? If you are not reading Batman and Robin, I highly recommend it. Damien Wayne just came back from the dead, and the story arc has been fantastic.
  • Just the main one. I'm a little wary of expanding, as in the past I've found it too easy to just keep adding and adding new titles :) Maybe the best thing would be to look more into getting the trade paper backs for good arcs like that when they come out ...
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