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Brian Williams in...

edited February 2015 in General
...Knight Rider 3.



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  • Side note, while I only jumped around through KNIGHT RID3R (if this was made in the 2000's, that's totally how we would have written it :) ), I realized that I had forgotten about 90% of this movie.  (Ziggy, etc.) Someday, I'll have to sit down and watch them again.

  • Heh, how did you get that screen grab? I smell a meme-worthy picture.

    I have them all on DVD still. Some weekend in the distant future, we'll have to watch the Knight Riders, Gone Girl, Winter Soldier, the second Thor, and the entire run of Daredevil on Netflix. By the time that day comes, we'll probably be able to throw in the 11-22-63 series.
  • I still have the DVD's as well...they were just in a box in the basement.  I took a screen cap on my pc and used a combo of and PowerPoint to make the edits I needed.  (ah, the things I learn to do at work).
  • Oh, and we definitely have a lot of stuff to watch.  We should get started on that. :)
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    It's pretty easy. Do I get bonus points for rhyming this one? :)

    Post edited by TheLion at 2015-02-15 01:42:22
  • Man, I don't remember Brian Williams being there for the filming! But, to be fair, I was dropping acid pretty heavy during those shoots. I don't even remember making Knight Rider 2.
  • There was a Knight Rider 2? :)
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