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Friday Night Skypes

While it's impractical for me to be able to participate in the Friday tabletop sessions, I was thinking that it would be fun to be as to at least participate in the conversation and bullshitting. Any thoughts about running a Skype session or Google hangout during the gaming? I'm sure someone has a tablet, laptop, or smartphone that could be setup for a video chat. I figure I could bag some miniatures or something while you guys play, and still be able to get enjoyment out of the Group's company.


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  • We could certainly do that. As long as you are ok watching C and I play a game while everyone gives me evil stares for reminding them it is their turn. :D
  • Next week, unless things change, we'll be having game night at my place, so this would be easy enough to do in my basement. Heh...that last phrase works on many situations. :)
  • Also,nice reference in the title of this post
  • I suppose I could tone down the obnoxiousness a *little* bit. :\">

    Mea culpa - it was a long week last week vis-a-vis my dad in the hospital and I got a little bit too silly to compensate. So, fewer evil stares and more game winning from me. Which would be good, because I swear we played that game for four hours last week and I don't think anyone won... :-?
  • Lol, I am just messing, I really didn't care. Only thing that bothered me was that we didn't have a winner, as you point out!
  • I am curious, what was the game?
  • Terra Mystica. It was so late we all just agreed to not count up the points at the end. C was particularly disappointed because he thought he won but "majority rules".
  • Terra Mystica. It actually seemed pretty fun. Wouldn't mind playing it again.
  • Ok, cool. Besides the main goal of socialization, a nice side effect is I can get exposed to some new games and see if any of them are ones my gaming group here would be interested in.
  • I hope you weren't hoping to see 7 Wonders because MCL was telling me that the Chinese have dubbed 2015 as "the year of not playing 7 Wonders". :))
  • Haha, fair enough!
    So are you guys getting together tomorrow? Want to try this out? Does Skype or Google hangouts work better? I haven't used the latter, but I guess that is what all the cool kids are using.

    I'm usually available around 8 or 9 on Fridays.
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    Not this Friday, but next Friday.  Aron's out, so, unless someone else is available to host, I'll host at North East ( withstanding).  I've never used Google Hangouts, but  I have Skype set up so we could use that.  I'll  connect via my PC and my ipad too - this we you could see the action in surround sound if you like - both from the table and a bird's landscape view of the room.

    Should be fun.  The party will probably start around 7:30, though...given that I live in the middle of nowhere, maybe closer to 8.  

    Side note,  I'd like to add to airdog's post, it's not that you can't play 7 Wonders at all this year, it's actually a weird Tabletop holiday where 7 Wonders is retired 26 times a year.  It just so happens that every observance of the holiday happens to land on each and every Friday that we get together.  Oh...and on Tabletop Day. Did I mention that?  That's the official 7 Wonders fast.  I believe it's actually called "Fat Zuesday." :)
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  • airdog said:

    We could certainly do that. As long as you are ok watching C and I play a game while everyone gives me evil stares for reminding them it is their turn. :D

    This is quite possibly the most factually accurate post ever posted on this forum. :)
  • Sounds good, I'll plan on it for next Friday.  8 is probably the earliest I'd be able to log in anyhow.  I'll text you my skype username sometime this week so we can be good to go.
  • The Zeus is Loose! gonna mooooove ya.

    And IIIIIII would buy 5000 Zeus, AND IIIIII WOULD BUY 5000 MORE.


  • We could play everyone's favorite game, "Duck, Duck, Zeus!"

    Or watch my favorite action movie star, "Zeus Lee"

    Or take an Olympic crap and tell everyone, "I just dropped a Zeus." (actually, that would be a great line for Cyclades!)


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