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Brothers Until the End...

So, while I was away fighting aliens for 7 years, I loved the Gears of War series (even Judgement, which was severely underrated).  That being said, I remember seeing the trailer for Gears 3 and the tag line made me miss you guys like crazy.  I hope that, one day, some of us can maybe play through the third game together (it's 4 player co-op).  That being said, here it is...


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  • During my year of exile in St Marys, Dumps randomly came down one weekend and, while eating insane amounts of Fox's Pizza and Virginia's Chinese restaurant food, we beat the first game in one prolonged sitting. It was amazing.

    When 2 came out, I feel like it was some combination of C-Dad, Dumps and I who beat that one.

    Gears 3 we purchased on the fly a couple of years ago when C-Dad and I had a random free afternoon together to hang and we played a bit but I haven't touched it since. It'd be nice to play.

    Admittedly I haven't devoted as much time to gaming in the past few years simply because school wouldn't allow for it. Now that all of that is over and I'm settling into my new career, I can carve out more time than before. In lieu of in-person "man-dates," this might have to be the way I see you guys most times.
  • That was a good time, and a lot of pizza.  I want to say it was mostly C for GoWII.
  • I'm about an hour away from finishing GoW2 via a local co-op game with one of the guys here.

    I didn't realize GoW3 was 4-player co-op. I'd definitely pick up a copy if we all wanted to try to play through that.
  • If we could make an online 4 player GoW3 happen...that would be epic!  Side note: Gears: Judgement is also 4 players.
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