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I miss City of Heroes

Maybe about once a week or so I think of that game, and it really bums me out that it is not around anymore.

It was fun to jump on and do missions together. I also am bummed.....and actually pretty mad....that our characters don't exist anymore. I miss Quakesand (my super hot Earth/Force Field controller), Phytotox (my Planta Dominator) and good ol' Volticon (my Energy Brute).

Anyone else find themselves pining for that game fairly often?



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  • One of my favorite memories of this game was the end of the beta.  Really fun.

    ...I also miss having a game we play together where I get to occasionally say, "I found some." :)

    While I do miss City of Heroes, I think I just miss having a chance to play video games with my peeps. I still fondly remember chilling in my room in Chicago, signing on to teamspeak, and using the headsets that MattyDoo and I got with Unreal Tournament 2004 to chat with everyone. Good times.
  • I miss it a lot, actually. Just the investment of time in the character alone made the game my favorite of all time, but the game wouldn't have meant anything without the group of you guys. Some of those early TFs we played until 3-4 am were among the best moments I had in the game.

    Ian tried to spark some interest in the Marvel MMO a bit and I played it for about five minutes and gave up. Can't imagine another MMO holding a candle to the CoH experience.
  • I really miss it too. And really the biggest part was having something we could all play together. (Speaking of, Mike, lets get back into our B2 games, or get Matt to play something on the Pc together!) 

    In terms of modern MMOs, the one that actually is closest to capturing the feel of CoH is a game called The Secret World. In fact, I think a lot of CoH people ended up moving on to that one. I snagged it on a Steam sale and really have enjoyed what I've played so far. But to be honest, I just don't have the hours to invest into an MMO like I used to ...
  • Baka, yeah we need to make B2 happen!  I would LOVE to play The Secret World - everything I've read in the past makes it sound very, very cool - it just seems like CoH you'd want a good group of people (3-5 at least) to play with, but I could be wrong, perhaps Baka can expand - because if it woudl be fun with 2, I may be interested.
  • There was a relatively "huge" diaspora following the server shutdown at CoH, with folks migrating en masse to multiple MMOs--but I've defnitely heard that TSW is the truest spiritual successor.  That being said, my MMO days are over.  
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