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What do you read?


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    My two favorites:

    Least I Could Do ;- my personal favorite - it's pretty consistent, often funny, and occasionally poignant and dead on on certain issues..  Once, in an old version of the forums, I posted my favorite "Daredevil" comic they did when the movie came out. "Wait, so he's a blind man gifted with the power sight?  ...So...basically, he's a normal person!?"  ...okay,I really paraphrased there, but it still makes me chuckle.

    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things ;- This one's weird and you have to follow a while (or really like gaming) to kind of get, but it's worth it.  It won me over with this one (it's a Metal Gear Solid/Kurt Russel Joke...just in case...):

    The Rest:
    • Penny Arcade (...i don't know why I keep reading this...but I keep hoping-against-hope that the next comic will be funny...and it never is.  However, when they do side stories, they're usually cool)
    • The Silies
    • Garfield Mins Garfield
    • Nerd Rage 
    • Extra Life
    • Ready Soup
    • Real Life Comics

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    Another reason I love "Least I Could Do": a random Green Lantern reference today:
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  • I occasionally follow LICD. I'm spotty at following them, though.

    Some of my favorites currently:

    - The Awkward Yeti: combines anatomy and humor, the constant struggle between the heart and the brain (and occasionally the tongue and gall bladder!)

    - Garfield Minus Garfield: always fun

    - *IF* I actually understand what the hell he's talking about, I either laugh out loud or learn something new.

    - Cyanide and Happiness: one of the most irreverent, "wrong" comics I've ever read, but it's damn funny sometimes. Horrible from a human perspective, but if we're being honest, it can't ever be much worse than our old Mad Libs, right? :P
  • I really have to echo the "why am I still reading this" reference to Penny Arcade.  I check out the comic occasionally, but I wouldn't consider myself a reader.  Same for PvP.  I used to follow LiCD on and off, but the humor just doesn't do anything for me.  I can't stand CAD.  I used to read it pretty regularly, but I had to quit after he mansplained miscarriages and everything.  Cold turkey, what a dick.  Also, he's been implicated in sexual abuse of a minor (unconfirmed) and plagiarism (which he apologized for).  Not that you can't still enjoy the strip, but what a douchebag.  That being said, the guys at PA have said some incredibly offensive things about minorities, so I should really be more honest with myself I guess.  :/

    I gave up on Real Life Comics years ago.  I followed that religiously, and instead of Greg's "real life" which used to be full of anime characters, mechs, and random craziness--it seems like it's always just him bitching about how bad his actual life sucks.  

    The two comics I read are Questionable Content, an odd semi-slice-of-life comic with a large cast, and Gunnerkrigg Court.  I was introduced to GC through CoH, and I've been reading it for years.  It's one of the few comics I've ever read where I've bought every single collected edition in hardcover, and all the extra books.  It's incredible, but understandably not everyone's cup of tea.  Major revelations in the current chapter, so pick some other place to peek at it if you want.  

    That's my current roster, plus XKCD when I can.  I don't really have time for much else.  
  • Current faves are XKCD and Camp Weedontwantca. The latter has been surprisingly good - nice mix of humor, silliness, with underlying sadness. Lots of little background continuity, amazingly well done. 

    PA is the only other one I read - sounds like it still has more hits for me than it does for the rest of you. (And while most specifically Gabe/Mike has said some not so great things, in each case he's come out educated about why what he said was so bad (so it was mostly said in ignorance), apologized, and even donated to causes in response to his cock-ups. Pretty different from Buckley ;) )
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