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As If I could love it more...

Mortal Kombat is a crazy universe.  However, Mortal Kombat (9), was just a fun game with a great, hilariously cheesy (but AWESOME) story mode.  Mortal Kombat X looks to up the ante in every way, but the song for the launch trailer may have just made me love it more.  You'll know what I mean when you watch...

Oh, and for an example of hilariously cheesy (as well as horrible voice acting), here's a good one (and a reason that Johnny Cage has become my favorite character...and, you know, because, "Johnny Cage is not afraid to die!") from Mortal Kombat 9:


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  • I'm so bummed I can't get any Mortal Kombat games on my WiiU :(. Not even the old ones on the Virtual Console.

    Play Port on 12th street has a Mortal Kombat 3 machine. I almost cried I was so happy. It was 1996 all over again :)

  • SuperC, I have Mortal Kombat 9 on my PC and pre-orderd 10 at a discount, perhaps one day we can have a Mortal Kombat afternoon and I'll hook my PC up to my TV and we can enjoy dismembering each other! :)
  • We NEED to do a Video-Games-All-Day Day. Once the dust has settled on Table Top Gaming Day, that is :)
  • Games to play:

    1) Gears 4: Judgment - we'll go start to finish with 4 player co-op, rotating players if needed
    2) Mortal Kombat 10 tournament

    We could try to get some golden oldies for fun, too. I'd love to do a Blitz Bowl or 10.
  • We NEED to make this happen. I'd like to add NBA Jam to the gaming set list as well.
  • I will pick some Saturdays in June and email people about it (since not everyone checks these forums).
  • My group time is limited to the later-ish night time. Have fun, guys. :D
  • I'm positive my wife will have *NO* problem with me taking another entire Saturday to spend with you goofballs!

    But, yeah, we should still do this. I'll find a way to make it happen. :D
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