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  • I'm glad you liked it! The trailer for the 2nd half of the season is epic:
  • Also, I just watched episode 3 and now I want these three movies to be real:Paul Bunyan in New York (starring The Rock)and the Christmas movies:Tyler Perry's Atlanta ClausSanta Monica starring Robert DeNiro This show is so great.
    in Big Mouth Comment by TheLion January 13
  • This is a show we absolutely needed to watch together, Mike! :D This has to happen!
    in Big Mouth Comment by TheLion January 13
  • "I don't know bleed out of your vagina once a month...that shit will change you." This show has a singing tampon singing a parody of an R.E.M. song.   So, I'm two episodes in and I have to say the show feels like a mix of Clerks: The Anima…
    in Big Mouth Comment by TheLion January 12
  • I watched most of the first episode (I'll finish it today), is fairly accurate as far as the feelings of puberty back then.  And...I did laugh quite a bit.  I could see it being helpful for awkward teenagers to just know that their feelings…
    in Big Mouth Comment by TheLion January 9
  • I just saw the placeholder image of it that shows a kid with his laptop and a unique...thing...bracing the back of it from underneath the covers. :)
    in Big Mouth Comment by TheLion January 9
  • This is on m list.
  • So what you are saying is that Steph Curry is like the Suns Gorilla of NBA Jam?
  • SuperCDad - try out "Earthbound" if you haven't already (on the Mini). I've only played it via emulation - but what I've played of it I've absolutely loved. I'm about half way through Mario vs. Rabbids (or Rabbi's lol) and I can't believe how much I…
  • Stupid snow has interfered with me seeing it a 2nd time with my folks.
  • I just started playing Axiom Verge again.  I can't recommend it enough.  If you are a fan of the original Metroid or Super Metroid, you'll love it.  It's the first game I've played in a long time that lives up to the promise of making you feel like …
  • Mario vs........Rabbis? ;) Those poor rabbis never saw the invincibility star coming. Mario: Itsa me, Mario!Rabbis: Oy Vey! Side note, if my spelling error was a game, I'd TOTALLY buy it.  I mean...for the circumcision  and latke attacks alone. Ma…
  • That was interesting. I'm looking forward to taking my folks to see it this Wednesday and hear their take.
  • I ended up getting Mario vs. Rabbis for Christmas - just played through the first 4 missions or so - what a well-done game.  If feels like playing an animated, Pixar-like movie.  I'm really impressed.
  • The more things change...
  • I liked her as well. Also, in answer to your earlier question I didn't hear the Wilhelm scream but I'd be surprised if it wasn't there somewhere.
  • We interrupt this thread for some important news: I know Matt listens to the "Shat the Movies" podcast (since he introduced me to it), but for the rest of you I encourage you to listen to the most recent episode on "The Empire Strikes Back."  It's p…
  • Oh, I had some amazon points left over and Rocket League was on sale.  It's essentially soccer...but instead of players, really fast cars. It's awesome.  We need to have a video game night so we can do some tournament (it's 4 player).  It's a lot of…
  • I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet or not, but I thought it was a fun little easter egg that "I have a bad feeling about this" was, as is tradition, in the film - but in this case you wouldn't not it since it was BB-8 that said it.
  • I have Xenoblade 2...haven't opened it yet because if Zelda, which is now my favorite game of all time. Period.
  • And....on more post only because I can't seem to edit that last post on my phone... I find if fascinating that we all like Star Wars but can have such disparate opinions and feelings about each movie. It's one of the cool things about stuff like t…
  • First: my apologies for the multiple posts.  Here are some articles that, perhaps, might help shed some light into how I feel about the movies than I can right now (I didn't sleep well at all): "The Last Jedi Killed My Childhood and that's Exactly w…
  • I think we may be having two discussions here:What we think of Star Wars movies as "star wars" movies. And what we think of Star Wars movies as cinema.  For example, Matt, I agree that Rogue One as a film, can't stand on it's own.  You are 100% corr…
  • I can tell you one thing that really bothered me about this film: the set-up with Maz about getting them to look for the individual with the flower on his lapel.  Maybe I missed something...but why couldn't Maz just tell them who it was? Or give the…
  • I'm curious about the "Disney-effect" in this example.  Could you explain?  What's challenging for me is that Star Wars....  are kids movies.  They always have been.  They were based on the serials of the 40s which were full of humor, heroism, and t…
  • And this is hilarious and extremely accurate all at the same time.
  • This is kind of fun:
  • For some reason I can't edit the above post...sorry for the "usual" spelling errors. lol
  • Actuall, while I think the writing and acting is abysmal, I don't "hate" the prequels like many do. In fact, I'd still argue that the overall arc of the plot is better than anything we've scene in the original trilogy or the sequel trilogy ('s …
  • Okay - one more point: I know I tend to get super excited for things, but it's worth noting that I initially walked out of the theater disappointed. At any rate - just pointing that out for what it's worth.