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  • Lol. Me? Oversell?  I'm shocked!  I still haven't finished the season (I think I'm on episode 9 or 10).  I might watch an episode or two today. We shall see.
  • I think that's fair.  I just finished episode 7 of "The Punisher."  It's still blowing away my expectations. One of the thing I love about it (that, in all fairness, might bother others) is that it doesn't matter that it's a show about the Punisher …
  • Airdog - if it's any consolation, I NEVER finished Iron Fist.  As far as The Punisher - I'm 4 episodes in, and so far, still the 2nd in my personal line-up - though, Marvel series tend to be a bit divisive when people rank them.  For comparison's sa…
  • I would recommend a pro-controller.  However, really - that's all you need (and, I suppose you don't really "need" it, BUT I prefer playing using that to the joycons - they are just too small and I find the placement of the thumbsitck (And their siz…
  • Yep!  It's a lot of fun. It kind of has an Earthbound vibe to it. 
  • Super rad - I'm loving it so far. If you have a chance, check out "Golf Story."  It's pretty much a 16 bit style rpg where, instead of playing random play golf.
  • I'm signed up - but it wouldn't let me send messages - perhaps I missed a setting?  We definitely need to get some PC gaming in soon. I know I have suggested it as well, but it would be cool to play online with peeps.
  • All accurate.  I really loved this show.  And I thought the last line of the 6th episode was perfect.  All in all, I might go as far as saying this is my favorite incarnation of the character.
  • Been primarily playing Zelda when I have a free moment, but through the Switch I've rediscovered some NEO GEO Classics.  However, much to my surprise despite horrible reviews, I've been LOVING "Double Dragon IV."  It's 100% just like DD1 and DD2 on …
  • I thought it was fantastic but can't say any more until you finish.
  • I am super psyched for "It."  Haven't been reading much, but I did just cave and finally started reading Game of Thrones.
  • I did.  I don't want to talk to much as to spoil anything.  I thought it was a great companion series to the book. I'm curious to see how they continue with it.
  • I'm almost finished with Defenders and really enjoy it.  It's a slow burn, but fun.
  • It's funny, while they were pretty fanboy-ish at the beginning, I thought they were pretty fair about the show in the end.  Especially their review of the suicide squad episode which they pretty much trashed. I guess I just found that their reviews …
  • MattyDoo turned me on to the "Shat at the movies" podcast a while back (it's great - they watch old "classics" from the 70-90's to see if they really are as good as we all remember).  At any rate, they have a sister podcast, "On The Throne" about Ga…
  • Just finished the first 6 episodes (they broke up the season into two parts so the next 6 won't be aired until later this year) and my verdict still?  Perfect.  I'm really shocked they pulled it off, but it's fantastic.
  • I will say, I quite enjoyed the last episode of the season.
  •, I've really enjoyed this season...and yes that battle was amazing.  But...somehow...this season has felt a little underwhelming to me.  And I can't quite put my finger as to why.  I'll think some more on it.
  • I'm only 4 episodes in, and while there are differences I'd still classify it at as "Faithful."  I mean, in most cases, a movie can't capture a book word-for-word and feel-for-feel, so they have to make changes to account for format, etc.  For examp…
    in American Gods Comment by TheLion June 16
  • I can make most things work outside of times that I'm at TaeKwonDo.  How about you?
  • We'll have to play soon!
  • Well, if you happen to have an hour to spare one day - give me a call, I'd watch it again.
    in American Gods Comment by TheLion May 4
  • Wow.  That was just incredible.  And somehow they filmed something that I thought couldn't be filmed based on the description in the book...and somehow made it work. If the rest of the series is as good as the first episode, we are in for a treat.
    in American Gods Comment by TheLion May 3
  • Little Black Back Pack (Nut Sack)
  • The cyborg guy is...well...named "Cyborg."  #DCOriginality  He's a cool character and, according to the director the "Heart" of the movie.
  • Hard to say.  I've only read the first book.  I LOVE the show.  At times I found it difficult to read the book.  Not sure why.  I have the 2nd book on my Kindle, but haven't gotten into it.  I think you could get away with just watching the show, in…
  • Okay.  That was fantastic.  "It's good to see you playing well with others again."
  • Shit...that's awesome.
  • There were some references here that I hadn't heard about yet: